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Some books I have recently read

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  • eelloxx
    Hey yall, Long time no post, but I have been on bit of a reading spree lately and thought I would post some of them and my thoughts on them. First up is
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006
      Hey yall,
      Long time no post, but I have been on bit of a reading spree lately
      and thought I would post some of them and my thoughts on them.

      First up is Shadowfall by James Clemmens. What an incredible book.
      It is absolutely fan-freakin-tastic. I had never read anything by
      him before and I saw this one and read the synopsis and decided to
      give it a try. The world is really well built and imaginative and
      the story moves along quickly, but not too quickly. The characters
      are well planned and fleshed out nicely. The main character, Tylar,
      has made it to my "favorite heros" list for sure. Tylar has lead a
      most depressing life so far, having once been a shadow knight, he was
      convicted of a crime and banished into slavery. One knight on his
      way home, after being beaten by two thug tavern bouncers, he
      witnesses the slaying of one of the 100 gods, Meeryn. His crippled
      body can do nothing against the shadow form he sees kill her and
      after the demon is gone, he drags his battered body from hiding to
      check on her. She is barely alive, and implants a magic in him and
      dies. He is found at her side, blamed for her murder and all hell
      breaks loose from there. If you have not read it yet, go buy it.
      You will not regret it. Masterfully done.

      The next book is The Healer, by Micheal Blumlien. There was just
      something in this character driven book that hooked me and I couldn't
      put it down. The main character is named Payne and he is a
      grotesque. A grotesque, or 'tesque as they commonly called, are
      similar to humans, but have a deformed skull and an opening in their
      torso called a Meli. They have the abilty to heal humans of their
      illness, yet humans look down on them and treat them like second
      class citizens. The book is about Payne's struggle to find himself
      and his place in the world. It is very well written and a well
      thought out world and you feel very close to Payne throught the whole
      story. It is more sci fi than fantasy, but still it is a very good

      Next up is The Crimson Sword, by Eldon Thompson. I really liked this
      one. Some may find it a bit typical, but the story was engrossing
      enough to keep reading. I think it is a great first novel and would
      recommend reading this one. It is a stand alone, self contained
      book, but leaves the door open for further adventures of the main
      characers. There is politics, quests, battles and all kinds of
      adventure. SHould be out in mass market soon and is surely worth
      7.99 and a few hours of you time.

      Next up is the Dreamtime series by Stan Nicholls. I have read the
      first 2, Covenant Rising and The righteous blade. What an
      imaginative world Mr. Nicholls has created. The main character is
      Reeth Cauldason. Reeth is a Qalochian, a warrior race that has been
      brought to near extinction through massacre, an outlaw and near
      immortal. He is seeking help from any magicain who possibly know
      anything about what is ailing him. Upon seeking Domex, he learns
      from his apprentice, Kutch, that Domex has died. Kutch asks Reeth to
      hang around for his masters funeral. He grudginly stays and the two
      meet Karr, Politician and member of the resistence. Karr sucks Reeth
      into escoting him to Valdarr, where he will put him in touch with
      covenent, a group of some of the most powerful mages in the land and
      also part of the resistence. There are many other charters who
      through mishaps of their own, find themselves in Valdarr and part of
      the resistence. I don't want to ruin anything for anyone wishing to
      check this series out, but I reommend picking it up. Covenent just
      came out in mass market and Righteous Blade has just been released in

      I also read the Assassin Trilogy by Hobb. I thought it was very well
      written and very interesting. I liked the first person writing
      also. Many twists and turns and Regal is surley on my most hated
      villan list. I thought the third book was a bit drawn out and ended
      a bit fast and sadly, but all in all I really liked it and recommend
      it highly. Great read.

      Wartorn:Obliteration was another one read. It is the second in the
      Wartorn series by Robert Asprin and Eric del Carlo. It picks up
      where first book left off with each of the six charters riding out
      thier course and clashing in the battle for the Isthmus. If you have
      read the first, you will like the second. If you have not read the
      first, shame on you.

      I have also, of course, read Martins Feast for Crows. I think it is
      just incredible. I have read other peoples reviews, that mainly
      whine about their favortie characters not being in it. I review
      based on what it is and it is great. It introduces alot of
      characters that I had wanted learn about and really moves the series
      along. I just hope he hurries with the next book. If you have not
      read Martin's ASOIF, go get game of thrones now, it is out in a 3.99
      mass market and one of the greatest series ever written.

      I am currently about 50 pages into Janine Cross's Touched By Venom.
      Pretty good so far. She has obviously gone through alot of trouble
      creating an original and unique world and society. I will post about
      it when I am done. After that I think I am going on to Dragon Master
      by chris bunch, have never read anything by him before and i am
      looking forward to it.

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