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  • Shadoe Simmons
    My first erotic release is now available under Lora Leigh. The title is Wolfe s Hope http://ellorascave.com Wolfe s Hope by Lora Leigh Price: $2.99 download
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2002
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      My first erotic release is now available
      under Lora Leigh. The title is Wolfe's Hope


      "Wolfe's Hope" by Lora Leigh
      Price: $2.99 download
      Genre: futuristic
      Sexual Content: NC-17
      Length: short story

      Hope believed Wolfe was dead, but he was only waiting for the right
      time to claim her. The scientist who created him, Hope's mother, has
      forced his hand. She wants her creation back, and she wants any
      children he may breed on her daughter.

      He is a man whose DNA was altered, infused with the genetic code of
      the wolf. His unique genetic makeup has created a male unlike any
      other and will make itself known in the most surprising ways. Now
      Hope must convince her mate she hasn't betrayed him, and they must
      defeat the plans of a scientist gone mad.

      Excerpt available at http://ellorascave.com

      w/a Shadoe Simmons
      & Lora Leigh
      Broken Wings, a November release. www.zumayapublications.com
      Marlys Choice, a January Release www.ellorascave.com
      Sarahs Seduction, a February Release. www.ellorascave.com
      Tempting The Beast. Spring 2003 Zumaya Publications
      Daughter Of The Moon. Spring 2003 Zumaya Publications.com

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