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Latest reads...& an important question for you re books

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  • Kerry Orchard
    Hi, Well I still don t have the eyes to be on here much but wanted to pass on my latest reads and ask everyone a question or two.... I finished Anne Perry s
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 6, 2002
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      Well I still don't have the eyes to be on here much but wanted to pass on my
      latest reads and ask everyone a question or two....

      I finished Anne Perry's SouthHampton Row and really enjoyed it. I enjoy all
      of the books in this series featuring Inspector Pitt.

      I also finished Charlottle Vale Allen's Grace Notes...a great book that
      really gets to the heart of violence against woman and problems facing
      authors...very well done. I have enjoyed all of Charlotte's books
      enormously, especially, Somebody's Baby.

      I am now working on Sue Grafton's P for Peril.

      My question...I think I have asked this before but wanted to touch on it
      again...do many of you choose your books by reviews?

      If you read a review that was very postive about the book and the author -
      the writing and story, but took you from an excellent to good rating review
      because of mechanics, would that turn you off? How many of you notice that
      there should be a semi colon vs comma etc and does it matter if the words
      flow? Do you overlook small problems with first time authors and expect that
      each book get better? Do you view editing as an author's position or a
      publishers? I would love to read the responses over as I can and hope to get

      There is a woman in our library here (Calgary) who marks all the new
      releases in mystery from Grafton to Rendell. She pencils in the sides all
      the typos, grammatical erros and so forth....but it reminds me problems
      exist in all books.

      I cannot paste the entire review I recently recieved because it is not on
      site yet but wanted to pass on the write up of my book because I felt it was
      so superb. The review is wonderful but points out small flaws in the editing
      that I thought I had rid myself of....Each story I write gets better and I
      accept the mistakes I made in my first and am prepared to move forward and
      not make them again. I am thrilled that so many people have found the story
      both original and well written.

      Here is just the description of my book:( I am realy pleased with it as you
      can see) there is a link to where you can find the actual review later this
      month too.

      A group of beings known as the Daha’et, or Death’s Masters, have come to the
      peaceful world of Dlrow. Criminals, they have been exiled from their home
      world. On Dlrow, they plan to use the life force of the native peoples to
      gain strength and converts; then return to their own world and wage war.

      Rhan, a sorcerer with a checkered past, sees the danger in his dreams. He
      realizes that it is up to him to gather together a group of people to fight
      the Daha’et. Already, the weather, the seasons, and the land itself have
      been blighted by the presence of the interlopers. If they are not stopped,
      Dlrow will die; and all her people with her. Together with an odd
      assortment of believers, Rhan leads the quest, uncertain of the outcome, but
      steadfast in his desire to save his world.

      (Well done!)
      The review goes on with 3/4 rating and can be found at
      www.theromancereadersconnection.com around the 15th of this month...a great
      place to check out books. I feel very good about this honest review.

      I hope that you are well and happily writing and reading. I am doing better
      with a change of meds and am preparing to start on my third novel while
      awaiting decisions on my second.

      Take care and thanks to those who have written to me.

      Kerry Orchard <http://www.kerryorchard.com/>
      The Thoughtmaster's Conduit: 2002 EPPIE finalist best fantasy
      ISBN 1-58608-561-1 New Concepts Publishing Paperback&e-book av NOW

      On a world invaded by the Daha'et, the undead, only one
      force can destroy those who cannot be killed. . .and only
      one man and one woman can wield that force
    • H. Mazarakis
      For the record I think it s obnoxious for the librarian to write in the books! Is she always 100% correct? I m not sure which would be more annoying---if she
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 6, 2002
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        For the record I think it's obnoxious for the librarian to write in the books! Is she always 100% correct? I'm not sure which would be more annoying---if she were always correct, or if she made mistakes.

        I always read the reviews. In fact, I go to amazon.com and read as much as I can before I buy a book. I sometimes end up scanning the reviews if they reveal too much of the story, but I always read the beginning comments like "well crafted," or "complex but intriguing," etc.

        I feel that editing is the editor's responsibility. When I see a large number of errors, I curse the editor, not the author, although I sometimes wonder if the author submitted the manuscript in such bad form that the editor was overwhelmed! My sister once had a book to edit that was so terrible that she, in essence, rewrote the whole thing. When I was freelancing, I frequently sent pages back to the publisher that were so covered in red that I feared the typesetter/typist/etc. wouldn't be able to see all the corrections.

        Having said that about cursing, I must add that in every book, one will find errors. The editor and the copy editor can't catch everything, and then you have the typesetter who has to enter all the corrections, the harried proofreader (sometimes the same person as the copy editor, who, having seen everything once, runs the risk of being less attentive), and everything else. There's a human factor.

        This is something about which I can go on and on. However I will cut it short and answer the question about newbie authors. Yes, I tend to be more liberal about the grammatical/punctuation errors I see in a new author's book, or a book from a fledgling publishing company. It doesn't kill a person to read a few things out of place if the story's good.

        Helen M.


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