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Re: [Fantasy_Books] Weis & Hickman

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  • Smita Mukherjee
    Gordon, Thanks for all the info!!! I ll definitly look them up at the library and see if I can get started on them over the Christmas break. Thanks again!!!!
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 14, 2000
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      Thanks for all the info!!! I'll definitly look them up at the library and
      see if I can get started on them over the Christmas break. Thanks again!!!!


      >well I do like Weis and Hickman, (and now weis and perrin) a lot.
      >they got me into reading fantasy with dragonlance and I can clearly
      >how I waited every month for the new novel to appear here in germany.
      >to smita:
      >the dragonlance series appears in the following order:
      >1. CHRONICLES:
      >Book 1 Dragons of Autumn Twilight
      >Book 2: Dragons of Winter Night
      >Book 3: Dragons of Spring Dawning
      >2. LEGENDS
      >Book 1: Time of the Twins
      >Book 2: War of the Twins
      >Book 3: Test of the Twins
      >then there are the sequels to the original dragonlance, which take place
      >about 20 years later:
      >Book 1: the second generation
      >Book 2: Dragons of Summer Flames
      >by weis & perrin:
      >Dragonlance: The Doombrigade (Great Book with a story about Draconians)
      >sequel: Draconian Measures (feat. the draconians from the first novel)
      >and some other by weis and perrin (who is the husband of weis I think I've
      >heard somewhere)
      >Book 1: The Soulforge
      >Book 2: Brothers in Arms
      >then there are some more REALLY GOOD books written by weis and hickman:
      >the seven book series (okay her in germany there are seven book I don't
      >how many there are in USA)
      >Book1: Dragon Wing
      >Book2: Elven Star
      >Book3: Fire Sea
      >Book4: Serpent Mage
      >Book5: The Hand of Chaos
      >Book6: Into the labyrinth
      >Book7: The Seventh gate
      >by the way, as I concluded this (not complete) list od weis and hickman
      >novels I found this:
      >a new Dragonlance series by w & h setting place about 40 years after the
      >first novels
      >it's called
      >book 1: Dragons of a Fallen Sun Vol.1
      >enough about this
      >I just wanted to give smita a good list about dragonlance and now see this.
      >well as you can see easily, I am very fond of W & H as authors cause even
      >i don't have every book of them I do love their work a lot. and I don't
      >agree with curt (sphinx) about the writing style of those two
      >for me they are just great and I think if the writing wasn't good and
      >readable in some kind the books would have never been so popular.
      >okay that's just my opinion
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      > > Weis and Hickman actually got me started on Fantasy. Admittedly, I never
      > > really liked the Dagonlance series mainly because I didn't know where
      > > series even started. And no one I knew could tell me which book to start
      > > with. But I loved the Darksword Trilogy and their Rose of the Prophet
      > > Trilogy. I was also thrilled when the Legacy of the Darksword came out.
      > > it didn't seem to be as good as the others.
      > >
      > > I also like David Eddings....but I haven't read Redeption of Althalus
      > > I won't be able to comment on it's quality. The only main comment I have
      > > about Eddings is that I found his Elenium/Tamuli story line to be very
      > > to his Belgariad/Mallorean story line. The characters, plot line,
      > > just seemed way too similar. I'm sort of looking forward to the
      > > of Althalus because I'm hoping that it's going to be completely
      > > when compared to his earlier works.
      > >
      > > Anyway, that's my two cents.
      > > Smita
      > > >
      > > >Are we being a little harsh on Weis & Hickman, OK they may not have
      > > >the face of literature as we know it but their work was very
      > > >and readable. In fact compared to some recent output such as the
      > > >of Althalus they start looking quite good. Eoin.
      > > >
      > >
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