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"Dog and Dragon" by Dave Freer

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  • Bill Garthright
    FYI, I read Dave Freer s new fantasy, Dog and Dragon (sequel to Dragon s Ring ) this week and wrote up a few comments here:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2012
      FYI, I read Dave Freer's new fantasy, "Dog and Dragon" (sequel to
      "Dragon's Ring") this week and wrote up a few comments here:


      Basically, I thought it was entertaining - Freer has the knack of
      writing appealing characters - but I was still disappointed. "Dragon's
      Ring" was better than I expected, but the sequel doesn't add anything.
      It's VERY light-weight and goes exactly where you always know it's going
      to go.

      It was fun enough for an idle afternoon, but Freer can do better than
      this, and I hope he does. I really like the kinds of characters he
      writes, but I need more substance than this.

      Anyway, that's pretty much what my review says, only in a lot more
      words! Heh, heh. But there's a link to the earlier book, too, if you're
      curious about that (and I'd definitely read that one first).

      I haven't been reading much fantasy lately, so I haven't had anything to
      say here. Hmm,... I did re-read "To Say Nothing of the Dog" by Connie
      Willis last week. I think that one is great - very funny - but it's
      humorous science fiction more than fantasy. Still, if you like Victorian
      era comedies, with some romance, you might check it out:


      Of course, it's not new. It was first published in 1998. It was just a
      re-read for me, but I thought I'd write some comments about it.



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