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One Day 50% Sale on Gloria Oliver Titles Through Zumaya Publications

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  • Gloria Oliver
    Hey all! I volunteered to be a Guinea Pig for Zumaya Publications so three of my four books are on sale at 50% off through the Facebook Store app they ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 14, 2011
      Hey all!

      I volunteered to be a Guinea Pig for Zumaya Publications so three of my four books are on sale at 50% off through the Facebook Store app they've started using - this will be in effect for 12/14/11 ONLY. 

      If you're interested, the books on sale and the urls for the Daily Deals can be found below.


      Gloria Oliver
      Unveiling the Fantastic

      In the Service of Samurai 

      The choice: Serve the undead or become one of them.
      Toshi never expected the strange visitor who one evening stepped foot inside his master's shop. A samurai smelling of the sea, dripping on the ground, algae strung from his armor. For the first time in his life, he discovers that monsters do roam the earth. And this one has been specifically looking for him.
      Dragged from his home and all he has ever known, Toshi must now use his acquired skills in foreign maps to help the creatures who have taken him. Yet at every turn there are problems. There are even those seeking to terminate his very life, not wanting his new master to succeed in his assigned task. And when they do find it, Toshi discovers his new master's enemies have prepared for their eventual arrival, leaving him the only one capable of recovering what has been lost. Can he do what even the undead cannot? Or will he fail and be forced to wander the world as one of them?

      Vassal of El 

      Torn between two worlds, will he be able to save either of them?
      Torren wanted nothing more than to forget his past and endure the life it had forced upon him. One small, begrudging act of kindness, however, embarks him on a path which will bring him face to face with everything he has so heartily attempted to avoid.
      In so doing, events which seemed to have no bearing on his old life now appear to be tangled with it and his present.
      Caught between the world of his birth and the one he currently lives in, will Torren be able to set aside his hate and guilt long enough to keep both from utter destruction?

      Willing Sacrifice 
      To save the world she must die! Or must she?
      For as long as she can remember, La'tiera has known her purpose, her destiny. As the Bearer of the Eye, she will wait until the appointed time then sacrifice herself to the demons so the lands will be safe.
      Yet as the time approaches, she is snatched from her home by strangers and is told it is for her protection. These strangers tell her she is not to be a sacrifice, but must fight to live in order for the world to be saved.
      La'tiera will not be swayed, however, her duty clear.  Despite their clever lies, she will follow through on her destiny and do what is required. Her every effort will be put to freeing herself from her kidnappers and meeting her fate as planned.

      Thanks for your support! Have an awesome day!

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