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Re: [Fantasy_Books] "Bound in Blood" by P.C. Hodgell

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  • Peta Smith
    A Game of Thrones has been picked up for a series and a pilot is/has been produced. There are some stills on GRRM s website. May not go any further of course,
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 15, 2010
      A Game of Thrones has been picked up for a series and a pilot is/has been
      produced. There are some stills on GRRM's website. May not go any further of
      course, but would love to see some footage.


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      >> Not a fan Bill and unlikely to be. It sounds like another Wheel of Time
      >> and Game of Thrones saga.
      > Well, it's not THAT bad, Peta. :-)
      > The big problem is just that she apparently writes very slowly - 9 years
      > between the second and third book, and 12 years between the third and
      > fourth? Between their publication dates, anyway. And "Bound in Blood" is
      > the only one which hasn't moved the story forward.
      > That was my big problem with the Wheel of Time series. I really enjoyed
      > the early books (though I had some problems with them even then), but
      > eventually, the series just stopped going anywhere, it seemed. I stuck
      > with them far too long, but eventually, I gave up. (And since Jordan
      > died before he ever finished, I guess that was the right decision, huh?)
      >> I am terrified that GRRMartin is not going to be able to see his story
      >> out. I dread going to his website as he looks older every new picture (of
      >> course he is).
      > I read the first book, "A Game of Thrones," but it didn't appeal to me
      > enough to continue the series. However, I made a note of your highly
      > favorable opinion of it, posted earlier here, so I've been wondering if
      > I needed to give it another try. I guess now I won't, at least until I
      > know if the series will ever be finished.
      >> I am also waiting for the next instalment of the Clan of the Cave Bear
      >> series. I read the first book when I was still at high school. 30 years
      >> on and I'm not sure if Jean M Auel is still alive!!
      > Wow, is that series still going on? My parents just raved about it, so I
      > read the first two or three books. I enjoyed the first (again, I had
      > some problems with it, but I really liked the idea), but it quickly
      > changed into something too ridiculous for me. Well, I might have been
      > better off thinking of it as pure fantasy, I don't know.
      > I think I prefer Jack London's "Before Adam" (1907), although I must
      > admit that it's been decades since I read it, so I really don't remember
      > that much about it.
      > http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/310
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