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"Fledgling" by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

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  • William C. Garthright
    I just finished Fledgling (2009), the latest Liaden Universe novel by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. I posted some comments on my blog:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 11, 2010
      I just finished "Fledgling" (2009), the latest Liaden Universe novel by
      Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. I posted some comments on my blog:


      Is anyone here a fan of the Liaden Universe books? For the most part,
      they're sort of romantic space opera. I enjoy them (some are better than
      others, of course).

      In this case, "Fledgling" is great fun, but I think it would be VERY
      confusing to people who weren't already familiar with the series. Even
      if you were, it might be confusing (since the name, "Daav yos'Phelium,"
      is never mentioned in this book, but only his alias, Jen Sar Kiladi).
      This is a "side book" to the mainline plot, too, set on a completely
      different planet. Well, it was written for fans (I've got the whole
      story on my blog).

      If you're not familiar with the Liaden books, you pretty well need to
      start at the beginning, with either "Agent of Change" or "Conflict of
      Honors," both published in 1988, since it's more or less all one
      extended story. However, there IS a standalone book that's my personal
      favorite. It's called "Balance of Trade" (2004). It's in the same
      universe, but at a different time and with completely different
      characters. If you want to sample Lee and Miller's writing, that would
      be a good pick.

      "Pilot's Choice" (2001) might be a good start, too. It's an omnibus of
      "Local Custom" and "Scout's Progress," two novels which star the
      previous generation from the mainline story.

      In general, I really like the cultural details in these books. And the
      characters. There's nothing much about technology (and quite a bit about
      psi powers, including a psychic tree), but the Liaden culture is quite
      interesting. And apparently that's not a fluke, because Lee and Miller
      show us other interesting cultures in "Fledgling."



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