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New release and a contest from Mudflat -

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  • Phoebe Matthews
    EXCERPT from MUDFLAT TOY BOY by Phoebe Matthews, book 3 in the Mudflat series, BookStrand, release date Feb. 10, 2009. - http://phoebematthews.com Tar and I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2009
      EXCERPT from MUDFLAT TOY BOY by Phoebe Matthews, book 3 in the Mudflat series,
      BookStrand, release date Feb. 10, 2009. - http://phoebematthews.com

      Tar and I did our jog home, circled the house, then raced each other up the back stairs
      and across the deck to the kitchen door. He did a whole lot of jogging in place so that I
      could keep up with him, then sprinted up the steps, turned, and waited for me to dash
      into his arms.

      While he laughed and held me up, I fell against him and gasped for breath. We stumbled
      into the kitchen together.

      I shouted, "Nance?"

      Nobody answered. Stepping into the front room, I called again. From there I could see her
      open bedroom door and knew she wasn't home yet.

      "Ah ha, so I do get you to myself," Tarvik teased, and that's when the phone rang.

      "Might be the temp agency with a job for me," I said. "I better answer, but hold the

      He held more than the thought. Swinging me up, his arms behind my back and under my
      knees, he carried me over to the phone. I leaned out and grabbed it and tried to keep my
      voice steady while he nuzzled my neck.

      Didn't even get a chance to say more than hello.

      "Claire," Nance sobbed, "I need you! I don't know what to do!"

      Seeing my face go solemn, Tarvik set me down.

      "Nance, where are you? What's wrong?" Nance is a pretty little blonde sixteen-year-old
      who barely comes up to my shoulder. I had this sudden image of her kidnapped and
      locked in somebody's basement.

      "It's Mr. Zerkle. I'm at his house," she whimpered.

      Nance spends mornings at the Mudflat Neighborhood Center with a tutor who is teaching
      her to read and write. Afternoons, she works at a nail salon, one of those walk-in places
      that offers quick manicures that include a kajillion choices of polish. The pay is okay, plus
      Nance does house calls.

      Mudflat has a few rich old wrecks who can't see their own nails to trim them. They're
      happy to pay big tips to a cute little teenager who minds her manners and dimples when
      she smiles.

      "Are you hurt? What's happened?"

      "No, I-no, Claire! Mr. Zerkle! He's dead!"

      I stared at the phone, trying to think what to say. Dead? Had a stroke while she was
      trimming his nails?

      "What happened?"

      "I don't know! He's not breathing and I tried to find a pulse and I think he's dead!"

      1/27/2009 - 2/27/2009

      Mudflat Toy Boy is the 3rd title in the Mudflat series and the cute cover is the work of
      artist Jinger Heaston.
      The guy on the cover is not the toy boy.  But he is a character described in the first two
      books and he plays a big role in this new adventure.  The clothing, coloring and attitude
      are a great match!
      CONTEST: Go to http://phoebematthews.com for the email address. Send the name of the
      book character pictured on this cover.  The first correct answer will receive a free ebook
      download of this title or any other Phoebe Matthews book, your choice.  Good luck!

      SECOND CONTEST: We will leave this open until Feb. 27. Send the name of the guy on the
      cover, plus send your reason for identifying him as that character. The best explanation
      will also receive a free ebook for the Phoebe Matthews title of your choice.

      Check out the cover at: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_IK4IOtyB3MM/SX1P2-

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