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8919Re: War of the Worlds and Batman Begins

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  • Marilyn Peake
    Jul 2, 2005
      Hi, Jennifer,

      I think I liked the War of the Worlds movie so much because it was
      based on a radio show from a much more innocent time than today, a
      time in which people actually committed suicide out of fear that we
      were being invaded by aliens. I thought the movie contained the same
      type of basic sci fi story as the radio show, a simple story about
      Martians invading earth; but was ratcheted up quite a few notches in
      the tech department to meet modern standards. :) I thought that
      Spielberg did an excellent job of blending an old-fashioned sci-fi
      story with modern technology.


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      --- In Fantasy_Books@yahoogroups.com, "Jennifer" <jen@e...> wrote:
      >> Hubby and I went to see WotW yesterday. I enjoyed it, but I didnt
      think it was great. The special effects were fun and there were some
      interesting shots, but I found most of the movie kept reminding me of
      other movies, having a very strong feel or look similar to another
      movie I had seen.
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