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8917RE: War of the Worlds and Batman Begins

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  • Jennifer
    Jul 2, 2005
      We saw Batman Begins the first week it was out and LOVED it. Awesome movie. Much darker than the rest, illustrates nicely how Batman evolved and Christian Bale was excellent.

      Hubby and I went to see WotW yesterday. I enjoyed it, but I didnt think it was great. The special effects were fun and there were some interesting shots, but I found most of the movie kept reminding me of other movies, having a very strong feel or look similar to another movie I had seen. None of it felt original in the least. I kept wanting to have another screen running next to it so I could compare shots from wotw with shots from movies A, B, C, D, or E. I have the feeling some shots would be nearly identacle. I enjoyed the characters, but hubby felt they did little more acting that gasping every few moments. Hubby was also really annoyed that so much was left unexplained in the movie and how many things were just handed out like "oh, here it is".











      Not really sure if this is a spoiler, but I wanted to be cautious...anyways, I thought little more happened in the movie than what was shown in the previews. I still think it was an ok movie, but I also feel like I just watched the preview extended to 2+ hours. LOL.


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