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8915Re: [Fantasy_Books] War of the Worlds and Batman Begins

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  • NewMoonOccultShop.com
    Jul 2, 2005
      At 07:46 02/07/2005 -0000, you wrote:
      >Hi, everyone,
      >I went to the movie theater tonight, and saw both "War of the Worlds"
      >and "Batman Begins". All I can say about both movies is: WOW! "War
      >of the Worlds" was so much more than I had expected. It was,
      >finally, a movie in which the special effects were truly in service
      >of the movie itself. Both movies had a lot to say about the human
      >condition, and accomplished this exquisitely, I thought.
      >Best Wishes,

      I saw "Batman Begins" and though it a little long and drawn out and really
      just setting it up for more movies.

      I haven't seem War of the Worlds yet but hubby has reservations - has
      anyone else here seen WOTW yet?

      Judith Lewis
      Please visit the shop I run with my hubby
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