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8794Re: [Fantasy_Books] Re: What should I read?!?

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  • Ken Ogilvy
    Apr 4, 2005
      --- volkerthemadfiddler <garkutch@...> wrote:
      > What I have found funny is the number of people who
      > have laughed at me
      > re-reading REH's Conan books every couple of years
      > while pointing to
      > their reading of Jordan as a sign of more
      > advanced/mature tastes, when
      > Jordan early in his career wrote a Conan novel
      > [which wasn't
      > especially good].
      > Volker the Mad Fiddler [still a REH fan at age 30
      > (almost)].
      I think Jordan wrote 3 Conan books.

      Ken, still a REH fan at 37(or so)
      I just picked up a couple of REH Conan books recently

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