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8515Re: [Fantasy_Books] Re: To remove from must have list

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  • Claire Rodriguez
    Jan 1, 2005
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      Hey Y'all!

      I'm Claire, new to the group.

      I'm surprised that no one has mentioned David Eddings, only my
      FAVORITE author. His Mallorean, Belgariad, and Elenium series are my
      favorite books...ever. And what aboutTerry Brooks? He is amazing.
      Eddings and Brooks got me addicted to fantasy and I haven't been able
      to find anything as good as they are.

      Also what about Anne McCaffrey, I loved her HarperHall novels about
      Menolly. And her books about Kilashandra I also liked. (although i
      guess this is more sci-fi. But they are not heavily so, and I really
      liked them) Also the first 2 books in her seteleportaion series, Rowan
      and Damia are excellent. Damia's children, etc I thought was not as
      new/original. (they are also sci-fi, but fantasy readers i think will
      still enjoy)

      And Stephen Donaldson. He's also excellent. If you're into court
      intrigue and crazy politics, there's LOTS of it.

      Love the topic though! Have been looking for new books to read of
      late. have been forced to return to the Jordan series. YIKES! Our
      friendly list moderator recomended the books by Sarah Douglas and also
      speaks highly of Robin Hobb. If you haven't checked them out.....DO!!

      One last thing...Is the Patricia McKinley mentioned the same one who
      did The Blue Sword? and Hero's Crown? Does she have other stuff? I
      was only aware of those two and Deerskin.

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