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8167RE: Lackey's JOUST

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  • Leigh Loveday
    Feb 4, 2004
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      > I just read Joust and I absolutely loved it! It's the first
      > non-Valdemar book I've read by Mercedes Lackey, and I must say
      > it was every bit as good as my favorite Valdemar books.

      See, now that's interesting, because while my other half enjoyed it (though
      not to the extent of the Valdemar stuff), I actually found Joust painful to
      read right up to the last 50 or so pages. The writing just felt lazy and
      patronising, which I found doubly frustrating because it's a problem I've
      never had (or suspected I'd have) with Misty's stuff before. All the "oh,
      I'm just a little boy" schtick really got tiresome, especially the endless
      repetition of "if I don't do this I'll have to go back to my evil old
      master"... it felt like it was being drilled into my head every other page.

      Fortunately, when the end was in sight and things actually started
      happening, it was as good as anything she's ever written. Shame about
      everything leading up to that. Then again, it looks like I'm in the minority
      anyway, so what do I know? :)

      > For the person who asked about JOUST, I've read that book and
      > I thought it was an interesting concept.

      Yeah, it is, though I can't help feeling she got the basic idea of 'Ancient
      Egypt with dragons' and didn't bother to flesh it out much from there, just
      transplanting the usual 'tormented youth with great destiny' story from her
      Valdemar series.

      > There is going to be a sequel called ALTA coming out in March,
      > so I'm excited for that!

      And a third one pencilled in for after that, isn't there? Sanctuary, I think
      it's called. I only hope they carry on at the same pace and quality as the
      end of Joust, and don't revert to the sad 'quick buck' standard of what went

      I haven't read Shadow of the Lion or the Andre Norton collaborations yet,
      but they're in my cupboard and on my list. :) Sacred Ground was a good
      non-Valdemar outing, though.

      - Leigh
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