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7992Re: [Fantasy_Books] Dikes for Cthulhu

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  • Warren Ockrassa
    Dec 1, 2003
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      On Dec 1, 2003, at 11:14 AM, miscellanyoforchids wrote:

      > Apparently women who read Call Of Cthulhu are all
      > lesbians and dikes
      > how stupid is that?

      Hadn't heard that particular one. In the 1970s (I believe) there was a
      college fad for a while: "Campus Crusade for Cthulhu". It was making
      fun of the "Campus Crusade for Christ", which had the slogan "I found
      it." The Cthulhu version's slogan was "It found me."

      I also knew a guy who insisted that any woman who refused to have sex
      with him must be a Lesbian. (Until I knew him I really didn't know
      there were seriously such men walking the earth.) Since at the time I
      was self-orienting as gay, I reasoned that I must be straight, since I
      didn't want to sleep with him either.

      People get strange ideas. I wouldn't worry too much about anyone who
      puts too much weight on either Cthulhu or sexual orientation of others
      based on extremely limited psychological data.

      There is a(n) RPG called "Call of Cthulhu", and it's in the D&D vein.
      Dice, a "Keeper" (nee dungeon master), players, and general carnage.
      CofC is a little different from D&D in that players also have *sanity*
      points, and if you lose too many of them at once facing some nether
      terror, you're catatonic, possibly out of the game for "years", or you
      might just get eaten or carried off to the Plateau of Leng or some

      > what’s even scarier is I was asked if I was a
      > fan or a follower
      > . Ummmm is there something I’m
      > missing? We are talking about the H. P. Lovecraft
      > books right? I mean they haven’t turned his stories
      > into some bizarre L Ron Hubbard cult

      Ha, that's a funny idea. Instead of Scientology and E-Meters, we have
      Shub-Niggurathology? And an N-meter? (Necronomicon, of course!)

      Remember that there are gullible people everywhere who will believe
      *anything*, particularly if it smacks of the supernatural, and most
      especially if there's a flavor of the demonic. Add to the "devil
      worship" mix a hint of sexual "perversity" and you have a recipe
      guaranteed to get religious fundamentalists (as a rule the most
      gullible when it comes to believing in outre cults) lo most uptight

      Or perhaps someone was just yanking your chain.

      > Oh lord! And I thought I was a nerd!

      Don't worry. You still are. ;)

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