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7991Dikes for Cthulhu

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  • miscellanyoforchids
    Dec 1, 2003
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      Apparently women who read Call Of Cthulhu are all
      lesbians and dikes� how stupid is that? I was asked
      rather I was �into men� since I like the
      stories�what�s even scarier is I was asked if I was a
      fan or a follower�. Ummmm is there something I�m
      missing? We are talking about the H. P. Lovecraft
      books right? I mean they haven�t turned his stories
      into some bizarre L Ron Hubbard cult� no cult is not
      the right word� Have they turned H P Lovecraft into
      some bizarre fan fanatic group praising some
      fictional creature from the imaginary world of a
      human�. Oh lord! And I thought I was a nerd!

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