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5284Re: Sara Douglas WAS What Ive been reading

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  • croydonrocor
    Feb 10, 2002
      *sigh* It'sp past 3am and yet I'm persevering with this.
      Saras is a GREAT writer in my opinion. Definaly one of the best
      fantasy writers there are. Threshold especially I loved. The only
      dissapointment was Book 3 of the Wayfare Redeption (the real wayfare
      redemption trilogynot the axis trilogy which is called WR in the US)
      was that the ending was possibly the WORST ending I have EVER read. I
      was appaled by it! ALmost made me sick! Did anyone else get the same
      Other than that - briliance! The mudredr - would have NEVER guessed.
      And the bridge eating thing is I think my most favourite passage of
      fanatasy ever written (you do know what I mean don't you?)
      Anyway i must be off
      All the best
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