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11951Promo: BTS is accepting advertising for July/Aug issue & beyond

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  • myranour
    May 19, 2014
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      BTS is currently accepting advertising for July/Aug 2014 issue and beyond.


      Deadlines for advertising:  July/Aug 2014 Issue is June 1st
      All materials and payments must be received by June 1st


      1. Full Page Premium ads $70, up to 6 books.


      2. Full Page Standard ads $50, up to 2 books.


      3. Half page Premium ads $50, up to 3 books.


      4. Half page Standard ads $30, up to 2 books.


      5. Fourth page ads $15, one book.


      For Authors wishing Special attention we offer:


      1. Big Splash ad $140. Two page customized ad.


      2. Inside Cover ad $120. Sold Out for Jul/Aug. Sold Out for Sep/Oct. Only page 2 or 3 for greatest exposure.


      3. Premiere Placement ad $100.  Sold Out for Jul/Aug. A full page premium ad placed within the first 10 pages, where the heaviest viewing takes place.


      Magazine Features include:


      1. 2-Page Book Showcase – $100

      2. Full-Page Author Interview – $75

      3. Full-Page Sneak Peek – $50



      Magazine cover $500 Sold out until Mar/April issue.

      Myra Nour

      BTS CEO

      BTSeMag:   www.btsemag.com  

      Myra's website: www.myranour.net