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11926Promo: Does being in BTS Book Reviews work?

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  • myranour
    Mar 21, 2014

      Have you wondered if being in BTS Book Reviews works?


      While we cannot promise it will for every author, we have had some great success stories. Here is a statement from a recent author who worked with us.

      C.A. Szarek (Chance Collision) says, “...what did work for me was a full-page ad in BTSemag (www.btsemag.com). It made an Amazon rating skyrocket on both books I promoted.  They only have a circulation of 40-50k people now, but these people must be loyal and voracious. I was shocked at how many books I sold the day of and after the issue came out. [The cost] was very, very reasonable for a full-page ad in an e-magazine.” I checked and it’s currently $50-70.

      Please note: We average 30,000 to 60,000 views each issue and your ad or feature never die in our digital magazine. We have older issues with over 80,000 views and one with over 96,000 views.

      May/June 2014 Issue
      All materials & payment received by April 10th

      Standard Ad:                             Premium Ad:

      Full pg - $50                                          Full pg - $70
      1/2 pg  - $30                                 
              1/2 pg - $50
      1/4 pg  - $15


      2-page Big Splash ad, custom designed for up to 10 books for $140.00  View Sample in the magazine




      BTSeMag.com website “Featured Book” package for $30.00


      Top Banner
      (appears on every page - where is this?)
      $40.00 per month


      Sidebar Ad
      (appears on every page - where is this?)
      $25.00 per month


      Rotating Ad
      (homepage only- where is this?)
      $15.00 per month

      Myra Nour
      BTS CEO

      BTSeMag: http://issuu.com/btsemag

      Myra's website: www.myranour.net


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