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10741Anyone read Vardeman?

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  • Leigh L.
    Nov 1, 2007
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      Evening all,

      I was having another reluctant clearout of my book cupboards last night
      and came across a stack of big books/collections by Robert E. Vardeman -
      The War of Powers I & II, Swords of Raemllyn, The Jade Demons Quartet

      I've had them for nigh on 20 years and it's probably time I admitted to
      myself that I'll never get around to reading them, so while they
      languish in the 'take to charity shop' pile, I thought I'd just check
      whether or not anyone here has read any of Vardeman's stuff (it's not a
      name I see brought up regularly) and can put forward a heartfelt last-
      minute plea to move them to the top of my reading list immediately :)


      - Leigh
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