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Fic: ''Bad Boy' Thing' (Marvel) ... PG | Kate Bishop, Wiccan

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  • Pixie Child
    Title: Bad Boy Thing Author: Pixie Child ( glitery_insane_pixie_child@yahoo.ca / http://pixie.submystic.com ) Fandom: Marvel Comics - Young Avengers (+ New
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2010
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      Title: 'Bad Boy' Thing
      Author: Pixie Child ( glitery_insane_pixie_child@... / http://pixie.submystic.com )
      Fandom: Marvel Comics - Young Avengers (+ New X-Men II)
      Characters: Kate Bishop (Hawkeye), Billy Kaplan (Wiccan)
      Pairing: implied Eli/Kate, plus various others
      Rating: PG
      Summary: Billy doesn't understand.
      Feedback: is a must!
      Disclaimer: Not mine. I play with other people's toys.
      Posted: October 05, 2010
      "What's with the 'bad boy' attraction?"
      "What do you mean, Billy?" Kate asked.
      "Well, excluding the whole librarian thing, Eli probably counts. And you were sort of interested in Tommy for a while."
      Kate felt her eyebrows almost hit her hairline. "Are you asking me why I'm not attracted to you?"
      "What? No!" Kate smiled a little at how fast Billy answered that.
      "Then what?" She blinked. "And who else are you talking about?"
      "Well, Tommy's dating Megan. And last night I was on IM with Vic. You know, Anole?" Kate nodded. "Apparently, he's, uh... seeing Julian."
      "Really?" She asked, surprised. "That's one I hadn't seen coming."
      "So what's the attraction?"
      "Didn't you used to have a crush on the Human Torch?"
      Billy blushed. "Uh, I guess."
      "It's the same thing." Kate's iPhone beeped. She reached down and fished it out of her purse. "Bank robbers downtown." She read. "Patriot's requesting back-up." Kate dropped her phone back into her bag and stood up. "But just for the record, Billy? I can't really answer your question. Eli couldn't really be a 'bad boy' at heart, no matter how hard he tries."

                         ~  Pixie Child 
      Ellie: I make it six each.
      Boom-Boom: Don't you try and impress me with your counting. You know I growed up in a trailer park.
      Castle: I can't believe you'd blow off illegal fireworks for a lousy head start at a top-notch education!
      Chloe: Statistical fact, Clark Kent can't get within five feet of Lana Lang without turning into a total freak show.
      Kennedy: Buffy believes in you.
      Willow: You know, Buffy; sweet girl, not that bright.
      Matt Albie: Was she calling us Hollywood liberals or was she calling us gay?
      Danny Tripp: It's a pretty fine distinction.
      Sheppard: What’s our status, Rodney?
      Rodney: I’d say screwed is an apt description.
      Chang: We need breathing room.
      Kirk: Earth. Hitler, 1938.
      Chang: I beg your pardon?
      Sarah: You come any closer and I shoot.
      Casey: You shoot him, I shoot you, and leave both your bodies here for a late night snack. I'm thinking maybe pancakes.
      Jack Harkness: No other race in the universe goes camping. Celebrate your own uniqueness!
      Lefou: No one plots like Gaston.
      Gaston: Takes cheap shots like Gaston.
      Lefou: Plans to persecute harmless crackpots like Gaston!
      Jon Stewart: So there you have it, gay people. The ligislature in one of America's largest states has thought it over, debated it and decided that you can't have a basic civil right. But, hey, on the other hand, Meredith Baxter. Fu(beep). (Dec.03/2009)
      The first thing the Warren Commission found is that it is easier to reach a predetermined decision if you overlook pesky distractions. These include unreliable witnesses who might testify to things that don't fit in with your theory, physical evidence that hasn't been planted medical evidence that hasn't been altered, Mafia co-conspirators who haven't been rubbed out yet, et cetera. [UFOs, JFK, and Elvis by Richard Belzer (pg.33)]

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