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Fic: Varying Shades of Harry Potter (painkiller jane) Riley Jensen/Howie Morris (slash-smarm)

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  • peja4
    Varying Shades of Harry Potter by PEJA Fandom: Painkiller Jane (shortfic) Pairing: Riley Jensen/Howie Morris Portrayed by Sean Owen Roberts/Elias Toufexis.
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      Varying Shades of Harry Potter
      by PEJA

      Fandom: Painkiller Jane (shortfic)
      Pairing: Riley Jensen/Howie Morris
      Portrayed by Sean Owen Roberts/Elias Toufexis. Cameo appearance by Andre
      McBride (Rob Stewart)
      Spoilers: for "Amazing Howie" Just watched this episode and it triggered
      this bit of fluff.
      Author's Note: Sorry guys, slipped off the rotation here once more, this one
      is for me. Howie is a neuro that Riley chased down, then just before the
      team broke in to rescue him, Riley realized he didn't want Howie's abilities
      taken from him. Be that as it may, Howie was chipped. Riley short-circuited
      the chip and helped him escape. This is for the magic
      Rating: FRT
      Summary: Howie Morris is not *completely* out of the picture
      Warning: smarm
      Acknowledgments: This story is dedicated to <shrug> my PKJ muse, I guess.
      General thanks to all of you folks who are requesting short fics and improvs
      in the various fandoms. You're keeping the words flowing.
      My stories are posted at: http://peja1956.livejournal.com and

      Riley felt the familiar tug that meant that Howie was summoning him from
      where ever he might be. He closed his eyes against the swirling dizziness
      that swept over him then opened them again to find Howie standing before him
      with that quirky little mischievous grin.

      "Miss me, then?" Riley asked in mock boredom

      "Nah." Howie pulled him in to his embrace, running the back of his hand over
      Riley's high boned cheek. He smiled, stealing a chaste kiss, then pulled
      back to gaze dreamily into Riley's dark eyes. "Yeah."

      Riley offered a sly smile. "Good." He dropped a quick kiss on Howie's
      self-satisfied lips. "But....You really have to stop pulling me out of time
      and space at the drop of a hat, Precious. I'm beginning to feel like I'm
      living in a Harry Potter novel."

      A pout pursed Howie's lips and he waved a casual hand toward a vaporous
      cloud that appeared to be looking into Riley's work area. "I peeped in
      before I summoned you."

      Riley combed his fingers through Howie's hair, fisting the hair to hold him
      still. "I'm falling behind in my work, Howie. I can't protect you if they
      fire my ass."

      Howie's lashes lowered, shielding flashing, rebellious eyes. "I don't need
      protection from them."

      "Yes," Riley's voice was firm. "You do. Andre may be turning a blind eye to
      my helping you escape, but if we get to belligerent he might just decide to
      start asking questions. I can't bear to lose you, Precious."

      Howie sighed appreciatively, preening under Riley's indulgent gaze. "Do you
      mean that?"

      "How can you doubt it. I risked my job to get you out."

      Howie went quiet. His eyes lifted to capture Riley's gaze. "You saved my
      sanity, Rye. Without my magic....I would have withered away and died. After
      they chipped me...." he shuddered violently, shaking his head against the
      memories. "Rye, with the magic gone, I wanted to die more than anything I'd
      ever wanted before in my life. Without you..."

      Riley swept him up in his arms and silenced him with a hard kiss. "Its over,
      Howie. Over and done." He cupped Howie's face between trembling hands. "I
      ...love you."

      A soft pink washed over the neuro's face and he smiled shyly. "I love you
      too, Rye.

      "God dammit," Andre McBride's frustrated voice filtered through the vaporous
      cloud that still peeped into the secret base. "Riley Jensen, you have
      exactly thirty seconds to get in that last kiss and have Howie snap you back
      here. We've got a case."

      the end

      want more Painkiller Jane? Maybe another WIP, or a new story, in another
      fandom? write me back and let me know

      Authors End Note: To increase a history of slow and long between postings,
      I'm taking a new approach to my writing and letting you all set my
      direction. Simply put, except for the occasional death grip of a stray muse
      or two or in the case of my wanting to start a new ML (which I'm only doing
      if I can christen it with a story), I'm taking notes on what you all want
      and using that to guideline my posts. You have a couple options.
      1. request a chapter of a current WIP. Each request will get a new chapter,
      until the story is complete.
      2. request a short fic in a fandom of your choice through a simple challenge
      or a quick 5-10 word improv.
      3. request a short or WIP chapter for a specific ML. I want to post all of
      the archive lists, so please help me out with ideas
      For the short fic/improv requests, please mention the fandom and/or list.
      You can also ask for specific characters.
      I do retain the option to refuse a fandom/challenge I don't feel I can do
      either through lack of knowledge to the fandom or a the case of too weird
      (Janey), but if I feel I can accomplish the request with decent results,
      I'll add it to the pending stories rotation as they come to my attention and
      do my best.
      If you don't get a confirmation from me, I probably missed the challenge
      request. Post me again.

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