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Spander Ch 3 Part 5 Slash AtS BtVS NC 21

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  • Anony Mouse the 7th
    Spander - Chapter 3 by Anony Mouse the 7th Xander & Anya s wedding Part 5 Non-Sylum Author: Anony Mouse the 7th Email: Mouse7th@gmail.com Website (Online
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      Spander - Chapter 3
      by Anony Mouse the 7th

      Xander & Anya's wedding

      Part 5


      Author: Anony Mouse the 7th
      Email: Mouse7th@...
      Website (Online Archive): http://www.Spander.vze.com
      Fandom(s):      BtVS
      Pairings/Characters: Spike - Xander    ( Spander )
      Rating: NC-21

      Disclaimer: Characters portrayed are the intellectual property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions and their respective licensees.  No copyright infringement is intended.  I just use the characters in ways I'd like to see them.

      Full warnings & fic information are here:  http://mouse7th.livejournal.com/55522.html

      Things in the show happened differently than in this fic.
      You may recognize elements from the show, but they may be in
      a different order or have different outcomes.

      Also Note:  I dont beta my fic anymore *shrug* I just dont.


      Song used is “Tears & Rain" – James Blunt

      Xander broke from the kiss, he sat back in his seat, his eyes closed. “Wot’s wrong?” Spike whispered gently. He checked outside of the car, no one on the street. He looked at his watch, sun up in three hours.

      “I can’t do this anymore.” Xander said, his eyes still closed.

      Spike felt a twinge of pain in his dead heart. “Wot you on about?” He said, stroking the dark haired man’s hair from his forehead.

      Xander grabbed Spike by the wrist to stop him touching. “Don’t. I mean it Spike. I’m getting married in the morning. You don’t understand . . .”

      “Don’t understand wot?” Spike said, indignantly. He had not seen Xander like this before.

      The man opened his eyes and turned to Spike once more. “I’m not gay.”

      Spike laughed loudly. “Oh I’m not either, I’m a vampire.” Xander furrowed his eyebrows with confusion. “You don’t get it?” The blond asked. “I never looked at men either until I was changed and even then it was only one. My Sire.”

      Xander’s eyes opened wide. “Angelus, he said, in the school, you said he was your Sire?”

      “Well yeah.” Spike laughed. “Okay listen to me, it’s different with vampires. It’s a lust blood thing.”

      Xander shook his head. “I don’t understand. I’m not a vampire.”

      “No pet. But one seduced you. Stupid ritual loving vamps, they call it a bloodclaim. It’s a bonding. Besides, gay or not, what’s the diff?”

      Xander scrunched his eyes up tightly, as though to squeeze what had just been said out of his mind forever. “I don’t even care.” He said, now shaking his head. “Look!” he turned, wide eyed to the vampire in the back seat and stared for a few seconds. “I’m getting married!”

      Spike laughed. “I just figured that was to piss me off. Well it worked, now kiss me.” He moved in but Xander pushed him back again, much to his irritation.

      “I asked her because . . . Well I wanted to . . . I mean I love her . . . DAMN IT” He put his head in both hands and let out a groan of frustration. “You don’t get it.”

      “I know what’s bothering you pet.” Spike whispered. “It’s me, sleeping with the enemy right?”

      Xander spoke, his voice hollow through his hands. “It’s so much more of a no no, aint gonna happen deal than that!”

      “Xander!” Spike said sternly. “Look at me!” Eventually the human moved his hands and looked at the vampire. Spike grabbed his wrists and pulled him forward. He pushed his mouth onto the warm lips and started to move in the motion of a kiss.

      Xander resisted the kiss. He even tried to say “NO!” and “STOP” but nothing came out. His arms fell limp by his sides as he felt his lips moving in motion with the vampire’s. “If you’re so against it.” Spike said, pulling from the kiss for a second. “Wot’s this?” He reached down and grabbed the human’s hard cock outside his pants and squeezed. The man gasped and the kiss resumed.

      It wasn’t long before Spike unbuttoned Xander’s fly and dragged his pants down to his knees. His warm erection was standing high and proud, the scent of it made the vampire’s kisses become greedier. He fumbled with his own pants as the man kicked his off from his ankles. The whole thing was a lot of work for them both, but finally they both were naked and still immersed in the kiss.

      Xander submitted to the lust. He found a quietness in this moment. His arms were limp, his head resting on the back of the seat. The only thing moving was his lips. Spike dragged his cool hand down his stomach, making it pull in as the fingers reached his pubes.

      He was lost in the moment. The vampire was drinking in every single pleasure from the warm body sitting there. He kissed intensely, his cool tongue brushing against the warm lips sporadically. The touch. The scent. He had never found anything like this in a hundred years of looking.

      This ‘relationship’ was far more fucked up, more loving, more important and more wonderful than he and Dru or he and Angelus had ever had. The whole thing being fucked up is kind of a proviso in vamp relationships. He was lost in this moment, in the soul of this man. With the smooth body of an angel. He moved his lips down Xander’s cheek and onto his chin. The human was just sitting there, his head tilted back a little, with his eyes closed. Loving the attention of his cool lover.

      Spike had fantasies about turning Xander into a vampire. So they could be, eternal. Make himself a mate. Forever having this feeling of them together. He just couldn’t do it. He knew the soul went and was replaced by a demon when someone is turned. Hell, when he turned his own Mother, the demon in her was a real bitch that he ended up staking. So he knew the difference between the man and the body of the man being inhabited by a demon. Truth was, he was bonded to this man, soul and all, he could never turn him. He loved him as he was.

      Spike licked gently down the man’s neck and onto his chest. Xander gasped as Spike nibbled gently on his hardening nipple, while squeezing the other. He moaned lightly as the vampire’s tongue was dragged down his stomach and into his belly button.

      The radio had been on the whole time. They hadn’t noticed. Spike got up now, he stared at Xander, who still didn’t open his eyes. He stroked his cool hand across the man’s warm neck. Just looking at him. Longingly. How he wanted to drink. To feel the warm blood spill and spread across his tongue. The song on the radio seemed to get louder, it was by James Blunt. Though he didn’t listen to the words, somewhere deep inside, he knew they were for this moment. For all the moments he and the human shared. This was now their song.

      How I wish I could surrender my soul;
      Shed the clothes that become my skin;
      See the liar that burns within my needing.
      How I wish I'd chosen darkness from cold.
      How I wish I had screamed out loud,
      Instead I've found no meaning.

      Spike stared at Xander’s hard cock. Checking the human still had his eyes closed, he wrapped his fingers around it and started to move his fist up and down. The man’s mouth opened gently to the touch and movement and lightly murmured a noise of pleasure.

      I guess it's time I run far, far away; find comfort in pain,
      All pleasure's the same: it just keeps me from trouble.
      Hides my true shape, like Dorian Gray.
      I've heard what they say, but I'm not here for trouble.
      It's more than just words: it's just tears and rain.

      Spike leaned down and wrapped his lips around the head of the human’s hard dick. The cool touch made Xander moan lightly again and lift his hips a little from the seat. He licked gently across the head with his cooling tongue, making the human twitch, while absorbing the feelings.

      How I wish I could walk through the doors of my mind;
      Hold memory close at hand,
      Help me understand the years.
      How I wish I could choose between Heaven and Hell.
      How I wish I would save my soul.
      I'm so cold from fear.

      Spike opened his mouth more now, allowing the warm cock to slip across his tongue and to the back of his throat. He locked his lips around it and sucked hard. “Oh god . . .” Xander whispered breathlessly.

      I guess it's time I run far, far away; find comfort in pain,
      All pleasure's the same: it just keeps me from trouble.
      Hides my true shape, like Dorian Gray.
      I've heard what they say, but I'm not here for trouble.
      Far, far away; find comfort in pain.
      All pleasure's the same: it just keeps me from trouble.
      It's more than just words: it's just tears and rain.

      The vampire had never done this and the realisation of that was not lost on the human. Spike’s head bobbed up and down at a quicker pace now. The speed of the sensation was building and that started to get Xander hotter, more sexually revved up. He moaned as the vampire allowed his cock to slip from his cool mouth.

      Spike’s hungry lips pressed against Xander’s quickly. The fell into the kiss. Moving to sit up, so he could wrap his arms around the cool, pale body of his lover. The vampire pulled away suddenly. “Come on.” He said, patting his lap.

      Xander smirked and struggled so he was straddling the vampire. “ Spike slid down in his seat and little and smeared some lube that he had picked up moments before from the floor of the car. He covered his cock, as the human looked down and between his legs to see what he was doing.

      Spike smirked and maneuvered his hard dick into position and keeping an eye on it he pulled Xander down onto it. The human lowered himself and felt the pressure of the hard cock press against his tight ass hole. He looked up from between his legs to stare at the vampire’s eyes.

      Spike was now the one not moving. His head tilted back on the seat as he felt his cock head break into Xander’s ass hole. “Yeah . . .” He said, loosing his voice at the end of the word. The human grinned, watching his every facial movement. He lowered himself down inch by inch. Half mixed in the sensation of pleasure at it entering him and the look on his lover’s face, he smirked.

      Lower, another couple of inches slid deep inside him now and as he felt his legs come to rest on Spike’s lap he moaned, knowing his lover was as deep inside him now as anyone could be. They started to kiss, lead by the human. The vampire reached his hands around and cupped the human’s warm buttocks, lifting him up and lowering him down onto his pale hard cock.

      The friction got quicker as their kissing became more passionate. Xander wrapped his fingers in the hair on the back of Spike’s hair and then he gripped hard. It really hurt, but that just made the vampire fuck him quicker. Lifting him higher each time and then allowing him to drop onto his cock, the human’s eyes rolled with each release.

      Gasping, moaning, frantic hard fucking and almost violent kissing built up now. The sweat from Xander alone had fogged up the windows as Spike started to whisper in the human’s ear. “You like that?”

      Xander let out a small sigh with an acknowledgment and gripped tighter on his lover’s hair. “Come inside me.” He hissed, making Spike groan out loud at the request.

      Their lips locked and moved as he was lifted and dropped on the large cool cock. Moaning, pulling, heaving, groaning. Fucking hard and fast. Spike lifted up his legs onto his tiptoes as he felt himself about to come. He swore a couple of times. Xander stared at his lover’s face, his eyes still closed. The vampire was beautiful when he came. Suddenly he stiffened up completely and the man let out a loud groan of delight as he felt the cool fluid enter deep inside him.

      Spike moaned lightly as the last three strokes emptied him completely into his lover. “Was it good for you?” Xander said, smirking.

      Spike opened his eyes and his face broke into a smile. “Yeah.” He said. Their lips locked again for a final few seconds of kissing and he climbed off. “You want me to finish you off?” The vampire asked.

      Xander smiled as he struggled to get his pants on. “No. It was good.” He said. He was smiling to himself because it was thoughtful of his lover to ask. It meant a lot. It almost pained him to think it, let alone say it, but he didn’t need to. Knowing Spike had come was enough. It was just the way it was.

      Once they were both dressed, they clambered into the front seats of the car. Spike put the key in but didn’t start the engine. After a long time of silence and staring forward, the vampire spoke. “So. You wanna go back to Willow’s place?”

      Xander nodded, without turning around. Spike hit the key and they took off into the night. Awkwardness had come over them both. So they remained silent all the way back.

      Spike pulled the car up slowly outside Willow’s house. Neither spoke again for at least two minutes nor that’s a long time when no one is speaking. An awkwardness came over them and they stared, as before, out of the front window.

      Xander broke the silence. “I have to marry her. I cant hurt her.”

      Spike closed his eyes slightly, a sudden pain hurt him. He was, however, an excellent poker player, so it wasn’t too obvious to the human. “Yeah, I know.”

      Xander wanted Spike to tell him not to do it. He wanted him to say he loved only him and they should be together. To say he would explain it to the scoobies and they would understand. Buffy was in love with a vampire once, so what harm could it do? He longed, in those moments of silence, for the vampire to beg him to stay. To say the words I love you. To do anything, anything at all, to show he didn’t need to marry Anya. But he couldn’t risk it and ruin his life. So instead he just spoke quietly. “You understand right?”

      Spike didn’t. He wanted to tell Xander not to do it. He was aching to explode with all his feelings and how this man meant more to him than anyone ever. In over a hundred years he had not felt like this. He wanted the man to say he would tell the scoobies and they would understand. That they could be together and everything would be good. But he might look a fool. The guy might not feel the same way as he did. He couldn’t risk the humiliation. “Course I understand.” He half whispered.

      Xander got out of the car, pausing to consider if he should ask Spike when they could meet again, but he thought better of it and simply closed the door.

      As Xander walked up the path to Willow’s bedroom window, Spike just stared. He rolled the window down a little, wanting to tell him to come back. To say that they could run away and be together, anything. But he thought twice of it and rolled the window back up quickly.

      Xander turned and stared at the car from the window ledge. Its blacked out windows afforded him no view of the vampire inside. He wanted to wave his arms, to run to the car. He wanted to jump in and say let’s go. He needed to do something. He hoped Spike was looking back at him now, feeling the same. But his head lowered slightly, of course Spike didn’t want the same as him. he was a soulless demon. He had to do the right thing by Anya.

      Xander turned and clambered into the window, sliding it closed. With one last look at the car, engine running, in the street. As the window latch clicked he heard the sound of the car screeching away at break neck speed. He took a deep breath. Tomorrow he was going to be a husband. He spoke quietly, with his eyes open wide. “A husband.”



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