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Spander Ch 3 Part 2 Slash AtS BtVS NC 21

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  • Mouse the 7th
    Spander - Chapter 3 by Anony Mouse the 7th Xander & Anya s wedding Part 2 Non-Sylum Author: Anony Mouse the 7th Email: Mouse7th@gmail.com Website (Online
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2006
      Spander - Chapter 3
      by Anony Mouse the 7th

      Xander & Anya's wedding

      Part 2


      Author: Anony Mouse the 7th
      Email: Mouse7th@...
      Website (Online Archive): http://www.Spander.vze.com
      Fandom(s):      BtVS
      Pairings/Characters: Spike - Xander    ( Spander )
      Rating: NC-21

      Disclaimer: Characters portrayed are the intellectual property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions and their respective licensees.  No copyright infringement is intended.  I just use the characters in ways I'd like to see them.

      Full warnings & fic information are here:  http://mouse7th.livejournal.com/55522.html

      Things in the show happened differently than in this fic.
      You may recognize elements from the show, but they may be in
      a different order or have different outcomes.

      Also Note:  I dont beta my fic anymore *shrug* I just dont.


      Spike hit himself in the head. He was half way to pissed and he swayed slightly. He kicked the dust on the floor of his crypt. He had the plan. He knew how to execute it. Anya would be dead. He got Xander. Everything wonderful. But he was a realist too. He swigged from his bottle again, his mind racing.

      “Fuck it!” He shouted, kicking the dust on the floor again. He knew he couldn’t mess up him and Xander. It looked like that had already happened anyway. He was defeated and annoyed. But why did he feel this badly about the whole situation anyway? His blood was almost boiling in his dead veins.

      He couldn’t kill Anya without hurting Xander. The man had said it of all the scoobies and at the time, the blond vampire believed that was true. The bint was marrying his lover and he cared. He froze in thought for a few seconds, in awe at his revelation. He cared for Xander. He actually cared. A little bit too much. Like he used to feel about Drusilla.

      That’s why he set up in the house across the street. That’s why he was sitting in that window for hours watching Xander live his life. That’s why he boiled almost over and wanted to kill Anya. He cared. He deeply cared. The bitter taste in his mouth was washed away with a mouthful of brandy that he suckled straight from the bottle.

      “What you doing?” Xander said from the doorway. Spike almost jumped, he was stunned he didn’t hear the human come along. He must have been lost in thought.

      Both of their faces lit up as their eyes met. Spike’s fell serious though as his mind rot rushed back in. “Nuffin’ much.” He walked away like he didn’t care the man was there. “Gonna go see if I can get a date with a bloke. I’m thinking vampire. Better lovers see? More stamina.” He turned and looked at the man again. “Anyway, wot do you want?” He sneered.

      Xander didn’t know what he wanted. He wasn’t even sure why he was there. Why he kept coming back, time and time again, to the vampire. Why he thought about the man every single day. Why he didn’t remember even coming to the crypt just now. Drawn, pulled? No, of his free will. Anya was about duty. Spike was about, well, everything. “I haven’t seen you.” Was all he managed to say after a long pause.

      “Yeah well I’ve been busy. You know, like it is.” He took another swig and took a seat on a slab of stone, without looking at the man.

      “Harmony?” Xander asked, with a questioning tone.

      “Gone. Sent the bint on her way.” His skin was tingling. The anticipation of the coming kiss was washing through him. It was coming. Their lips would meet and in a dazed frenzy they were going to fuck. Spike knew it. His lust rising as his cock thickened. He was holding it back, afraid to let go.

      “You seem to do that a lot.” Xander said, with a seriousness to his tone. “You just throw them away and move on don’t you? Drusilla, some love story that was. You shag them and drop them one by one,” he paused in thought for a few seconds and then continued, “is that what . . .”

      Spike looked directly at the man, their eyes met suddenly. “No, not you. Not with you.” He would have flushed with embarrassment had he been human. He looked away suddenly. Xander was lost in those words still. He cleared his throat and tried to look not bothered. “Not you again. That’s wot I meant.” He fumbled through his pocket and pulled out his smokes. Lighting one, he stared downward.

      Xander’s heart was racing now. His skin was flushed and his cheeks warmed. He knew it was coming too. He knew that’s Spike’s cool flesh would be pressed against his own soon. That they would fall to the ground, fumbling and moaning. The rigorous way Spike would grunt as he came. It was moving closer. He knew that and with the revelation of what his lover had just said, he was more than ready for it.

      “Well, sorry to disappoint you mate. I was just heading out.” Spike said, allowing the bottle in his hand to slip to the floor. The fluid gushed out of it, in a gentle melodic rhythm. Like the sea foam lapping sand. The brandy patch started to grow and wind away into smaller streams. The blond vampire pulled on his coat and marched towards the door. Despite it being daylight.

      As he brushed past, the human grabbed his wrist and held tightly. Spike allowed himself to stop at the tug. He could have snapped that hand in ten places and a human certainly couldn’t hold him back. No he wanted to stay. “Spike.” Xander said.

      The vampire looked around and into his dark eyes. “Yeah?” He huffed, looking tiresome.

      Xander whispered through gritted teeth and puppy dog eyes staring. “Stay.” Spike almost lost his balance as he was washed away by the words. How much he wanted to kill the man. For making him feel this way. To allow this confusion, all caused by this dark haired annoyance. He didn’t want to change. Why should he have to?

      Spike glanced at his watch. Half past four in the afternoon. A smirk smeared across his face. Xander still had a grip on his wrist. “Sure pet.” The blond vampire mewed. He moved closer and pressed his lips onto the warmer ones. The kiss was a little flaccid at first. Both of their arms hung weightlessly by their sides. They were so involved in the physical contact after weeks of nothing, to raise even their hands.

      They broke and stared at one another. Xander was breathing heavily and his stare was intense. Spike parted his lips gently and licked his bottom slightly. “You asked that bint to marry you.” He whispered gently.

      Xander half smiled. “I can’t get out of it now.” He whispered back.

      “Good. Didn’t want you to.” Spike said smirking too. “Couldn’t put up with ya all the time anyway.”

      Xander grinned. “Like you could handle all of me. I’m soft, hot and delicious.” He pulled a silly face that amused Spike momentarily.

      The blond vampire nodded. “That you are.” He pushed his face closer and they started to kiss softly. Spike slammed his back hard against the wall as he pulled Xander close. Their bodies were pressed hard against one another. They fumbled with their pants and shirts. Not losing eye contact once.

      Xander’s heart was racing. Spike could feel that. His vampiric senses were raised. It’s why vampires like their victims to be terrified when they eat them. The chase softens them up. The racing, thudding sound was like a living death. It’s an archaic complex, inbuilt in the demons. It arouses them. Floods them. This vampire could sense the arousal of his lover and it was driving him mad.

      There they stood for the longest time. Naked. Their erection lengths keeping them apart. Staring at one another. Spike was the first to look down. His cool cock was standing proud and hard. Right by the side of it was Xander’s hard flesh. He reached down and wrapped both hands around both dicks. The man let out a sigh as the cool fingers tightened around him.

      Spike started to work the cocks up and down. Twisting his fist as he did. Pulling the foreskins in different directions. Xander gasped lightly at the touch and the view heightened their pleasure. Their heads slowly moved up now, locking back into eye contact. Both tilted their head in a different direction easily so their hungry mouths could meet gently.

      Spike grabbed Xander by the arms and he flipped them both around so the human’s back was against the wall now. Their kissing grew more passionate as did their arousal. Spike ground his hips forward, thrusting. His cock slipped up their bellies, pressing cool into the warm flesh. The human let out a satisfied moan mid kiss.

      Spike pulled away and smirked. Xander half grinned at his vampire lover, then he fell, with a thud, to his knees. The blond vampire closed his eyes in anticipation of the touch.

      Xander took a firm hold of the cool shaft. He eyed it, it was beautiful. Spike let out a slight groan as he felt warm lips envelop it gently. The head of his cock stroked across the roof of the human’s mouth and he murmured.

      As soon as his cool cock reached the back of the warm throat, Xander slipped it back out, almost fully out. Then he sucked gently and allowed it to slip across his tongue again. Spike’s legs almost buckled as he moaned to the delight of the warm tongue brushing across his balls now and then. The sensation of warm to cooling was as rhythmic as the strokes forward and back.

      Spike pulled his cock out and lifted Xander to his feet quickly. Their lips locked again. The blond man fumbled with his hands to smear lube across his cock. The vampire reached down and took a firm grip of just under the man’s warm buttocks. He lifted him, wrapping his legs around his torso.

      Xander’s back was scratching against the wall as Spike carefully guided his cock to his tight little ass hole. The man gasped, pulling from the kiss, as he felt the cool head enter him. He pushed his head back slowly as the vampire lowered him softly down onto his waiting dick. The cool flesh filled him inch by inch until he came to a slow stop.

      Xander opened his eyes and stared at Spike, who was doing the same back. So much needed to be said. So many feelings should have been dealt with. Anya. Harmony. Buffy. These two lovers. Yet it seemed nothing would ever be said. They just yearned for one another most of the time. They liked to fuck together. And now, right here, with his cool vampire lover deep inside him, none of it mattered. The weight of the world was lifted for a brief, cooling moment.

      Suddenly they broke into a frenzy of fucking. Xander’s head was back and his eyes closed, gasping, as he was lifted on and off the cool cock. Spike shook into game face and leaned his head forward so he was licking the warm, hardening nipples in front of him. He nodded hard, scraping his front fangs against one. A pinprick of blood emerged and the man hissed.

      Spike licked and suckled at the blood, the taste. Fucking his lover hard. Forcing himself inside the tight hole. The stench of arousal. The sensation of his senses as the blood smeared across his tongue drove him mad. He wanted to bite the flesh. Tear it. Drink the blood. In warm, big mouthfuls.

      Spike stopped suddenly and shook to game face. He stopped thrusting and just stared at Xander for the longest time. Just as the man was about to open his eyes to see what was wrong, the vampire started to thrust hard again. Gasping. Moaning. His legs shaking lightly as he felt himself enter the warm hole again and again. The dragging sensation as he pulled out, was driving the human to distraction.

      “Oh fuck.” Spike whispered, breathlessly. He forced his cock deep inside Xander now and froze in position. The man tightened his muscles around the dick, just as the vampire came. His cool fluid spread out inside his lover. In three short pushes he was empty. The feeling of it entering him, made the man groan.

      Spike’s back was arched and his eyes closed as he finished empting himself inside the human. Slowly he relaxed back and opened his eyes. Eventually he lifted Xander back onto his feet. But the vampire didn’t scramble for his clothes as he usually did. Instead he sauntered to the bed and climbed in. “Come on.” He whispered, patting the covers next to him. “There’s no Harmony to catch us now you know.”

      After a few seconds of delay, unsure about what to do, Xander climbed in the bed next to Spike. The vampire lit a cigarette and stared upwards as the human put his head on the strong chest.

      Spike checked his watch again. “It’s quarter past five.” He said, with a slight giggle.

      Xander furrowed his brows. “Yeah?”

      Spike smirked. “Anya leaves work in about ten or so minutes right? Sets off home in the car with Giles, right?”

      Xander lifted up his head and body, staring at the vampire, bemused. “Yeah she does, why?” The smirk he received sent a shiver down his spine. His eyes opened wide and he pushed himself onto his knees. “What did you do?”

      Spike shook his head. “Nothing pet.” His voice was as thick as molasses with sarcasm. “I just took out the competition.”

      Xander leapt from the bed. He was furious. He grabbed up his clothes and started to put them on frantically. “I swear, if you’ve hurt her!”

      Spike slammed him hard, by the neck, against the wall. Moving so quickly the human didn’t have time to react. He winced in pain as the chip showered his head full of agony. “You’ll wot? You’ll tell the slayer and get her to come and teach the bad vampire a lesson?” He let go and took a step back. “I’m evil, sorry you forgot that somewhere down the line. Now fuck off!” He hurled his cigarette against the wall and walked away. It showered red sparks everywhere, they eventually died to the black nothingness, as did everything, eventually.

      Xander left quietly. He wanted to make sure Anya was all right. He took one long look back at Spike, who was sitting on his bed, drinking from the bottle again. He turned and walked away.

      As the figure vanished from his sight Spike’s eyes became heavy and he blinked very slowly. He was evil after all. Right?

      Xander drove down the street fast. He could see Giles’ car from behind. Anya was sitting in the passenger seat. The Watcher seemed to have forgotten something and he vanished back inside the shop.

      Xander stopped in a parking space seven cars away from Giles’. He got out quickly, leaving the keys in and the engine running. He got halfway to the car when he saw the Watcher coming out of the Magic Shop again. But before he could react he glanced again at his car.

      The explosion was deafening. The last time he had heard anything louder, it was when Spike tried to kill them all in the shop. His eyes were blinded by a bright orange glowing hue. Glass and metal fragments showered outwards in all directions. He yelled in pain as one sliced into the forearm he was using to shield his eyes. He was throw back several feet and almost passed out as his head smashed heavily against the pavement.

      Then nothing. The crackle of a fire. The sounding of several car alarms. But nothing else. A tiny silence enveloped him.

      When he opened his eyes he struggled to his feet, cradling his bloody wrist. The car had been obliterated. The roof had been torn off and all that was left were jagged edges and flames licking out and above them. “ANYA!” He screamed. Everything went into slow motion mode now. He belted down the street towards the car.

      Xander fell to his knees near to it, unable to keep running. He gasped loudly to fill his pained lungs with air. But it just expelled it as suddenly as he pulled it in. So the rhythm carried on in gasps of disbelief. “She’s dead.” He said, in a matter of fact way. “He killed her.” He put his head into his hands and blood dripped from his elbow onto his pants.

      Spike turned the corner at the end of the street. He could see the flames and the car. Giles running to Xander. He had heard the explosion and wished he could have seen it. He lit a cigarette and took a long slow drag, expelling the air high above his head. He saw his lover sobbing into his own hands. He smirked, even though it hurt a little to do so.



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