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1170Flyers Attacking the LGBT Community and Kris Sharp at UHD

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  • K en
    Mar 26, 2013
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      This is what is going on here at my own school, UHD. Yes, despite having a lesbian mayor, homophobia is alive and well in Houston and the hatemongers have no qualms about breaking laws and showing their hatred in public. Will the LGBT community here in Houston ever wake up? A criminal investigation has been started by the school but I will be very surprised if anything significant is accomplished.

      Kris Sharp is a good friend at UHD and he made it possible for us to distribute flyers at UHD to publicize our FFME marriage equality events last February. He was also responsible for the push to add sexual orientation to the Student Government Association anti-discrimination policy which was  passed last year (Barry and I attended the meeting at UHD in support of his efforts). 

      Kris is a great guy and a wonderful advocate for our community, and I'm so sorry something like this happened to him. He is running for office within the Student Government Association and as a consequence, has been targeted by what was initially described as another candidate, but looking at the defamatory flyer, it is my opinions that this is the effort of a group and mostly likely, did not originate on campus.

      On the flyer is a picture of Chris with a caption at the top that reads, "Want AIDS?". His picture is crossed out with an X and below it appears another caption, "Don't Support the Isaac and Kris Homosexual Agenda". See the link below for the article in the Dallas Voice and a picture of the hateful flyer.

      For anyone who can attend, there will be a Safe Zone meeting and show of support for Kris on Thursday (3/28/13) in the Academic Building in room A-300 (Main Building, 1 Main Street).


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