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Re: Uh oh! This link not working?

Oh geeze all this time that link has been wrong on the home page. I fixed it...thank you! Sg
Sep 16, 2009

AW: [Familia_Knauf_Knauff_Knauft_Kanouff] Uh oh! This link not work

Hello, it is a "b" too much in the Adress. Try this www.familienverband-knauf.de In two weeks the site will update with the reunion date for 2010. Mit
Lienhard Knauf
Sep 16, 2009

Uh oh! This link not working?

http://www.familienverbband-knauf.de/ Leinhard, do you know what is going on? Thanks, Saragrace
Sep 16, 2009

AW: [Familia_Knauf_Knauff_Knauft_Kanouff] Links to family newspapers

Hello, thank you for the information, I will lock whats the matter. Mit freundlichem Gruß Lienhard Knauf www.Lienhard-Knauf.de ... Von:
Lienhard Knauf
Apr 27, 2009

Links to family newspapers?

Hi Leinhard - I was wanting to go back to some links you had provided a while back and they don't work anymore...is there a way to still look at some of the
Saragrace Knauf
Apr 25, 2009

RE: AW: [Familia_Knauf_Knauff_Knauft_Kanouff] Knaufs from Großen?

Wow! Thank you! You are my hero Leinhard! Sg To: Familia_Knauf_Knauff_Knauft_Kanouff@yahoogroups.com From: mail@... Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2008
Saragrace Knauf
Aug 4, 2008

AW: [Familia_Knauf_Knauff_Knauft_Kanouff] Knaufs from Großen?

Hello, Grossen was a little Village(Dorf) in Preussen. In the area of Breslau, near the town of Wohlau. There lived 336 Peole in the 1870's. (Ritter's
Lienhard Knauf
Aug 3, 2008

Knaufs from Großen?

Hi all, I have a question that someone may be able to answer. I've been able to find the ship arrival data for some of my Knauf family members in 1890. In
Wicked Frau
Jul 26, 2008

AW: [Familia_Knauf_Knauff_Knauft_Kanouff] Old Sheild?

Hello, sorry, I must see that the website must by repaired, I will do this in the next days. Here is a direct link :
Lienhard Knauf
Jan 8, 2008

Re: Old Sheild?

Hi Leinhard. I am not sure I understand. I speak/read enough German to bumble my way through the website, but I don't see what you are referring to under the
Saragrace Knauf
Jan 8, 2008

AW: [Familia_Knauf_Knauff_Knauft_Kanouff] Old Sheild?

Hello, look under www.familienverband-knauf.de the newspapersites 1132-1135, maybe someone can translate it. Greetings Lienhard ... Von:
Lienhard Knauf
Jan 8, 2008

Old Sheild?

Does anyone have copies of any of the older heraldic devices (besides the 1927 one? And are the initials on that one Max Knauf (MK?)
Wicked Frau
Jan 7, 2008

2007 Newspaper

Hello together, on www.familienverband-knauf.de you can watch the family newspaper 2007. I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. Lienhard
Dec 23, 2007

Merry Cristmas 2007

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Years Charles & Doloris Kanouff
Dec 20, 2007

Re: Knauf Museum-Anyone been here?

Hi all, we leave today! We are renting a car and "winging it" for the most part. Leinhard, thank you for letting me know more! We will be sure to check these
Saragrace Knauf
Sep 4, 2007
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