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Fun opportunity to learn Japanese culture

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  • Jill Holmgren
    Hello, I m the volunteer coordinator of the short-term summer exchange program between youth from Alaska and Japan. We have two Japanese boys who would like to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2010
      I'm the volunteer coordinator of the short-term summer exchange program between youth from Alaska and Japan. We have two Japanese boys who would like to share their Japanese culture with a local family for a few weeks this summer. We are also looking for a family to host a Japanese adult female chaperone for two weeks. She is available to share her culture with your family as well as with any groups to which you may belong. Both boys and the chaperone plan to cook a Japanese meal for their host families. Please see the following news release for more specific information.
      Please consider giving your family this opportunity.The deadline is approaching and we would like to make sure that these boys can come to Fairbanks. It's a fun program and an amazing experience for your children.
      If you would like to host a girl, please request an application so that we can give you first priority for next year.
      Jill Holmgren

      Bring the World Into your Home as your Child Hosts a Youth From Japan!

      Families with a child ages 10-15 have an opportunity to host a Japanese boy or girl for 4 weeks during the summer through the States’ 4-H International Exchange Program. The youth arrive eager to share their culture with your family, including cooking a Japanese meal.

      You don’t need to speak Japanese to host. You just need a willingness to share your lives and your friendship with a young person from another country.  No special activities are necessary; they want to experience your daily life. They want to do chores and to do whatever your family does, whether it be staying home most of the time, going to camp or cheering at a family member’s soccer game 4 nights a week.

      They can share a room and travel in-state. Their parents will pay camp fees so they can attend camp with their host sibling. All Japanese delegates and any hosts not already in 4-H are automatically enrolled at no cost, and eligible to enter 4-H categories at the Fair.

      The Japanese youth, ages 12-14, arrive well-prepared, with medical insurance and both a coordinator and a bilingual chaperone available 24/7. Each Japanese visitor will be matched to a family based on the host sibling‘s gender, age and interests. The homestays are only for a month during the summer, but the experience and friendship will last a lifetime!

      This opportunity goes fast. Most of the 2010 delegates have been placed. As of this writing, there are two wonderful Japanese boys waiting to be matched with Alaskan boys. The boys enjoy activities such as basketball, baseball, pets, being outdoors, reading, manga, and other activities that Alaskan boys like to do. The exchange period is July 22-August 18.

      Also, a family is needed to host the female adult chaperone for two weeks, either July 24 to around August 5 or approximately August 5-18. The host of the chaperone can be single or a couple, with or without children in the home. She is allergic to cats, so a cat-free home is needed. The chaperone is 29 years old, is interested in Alaska and children's picture books, and would like to learn more about parenting in the United States. She is also ready to share her culture with her host family and any youth or community groups and to cook a Japanese meal for her hosts.

      Applications are also being accepted to host both boys and girls or the chaperone for the summer 2011 exchange.

      Host families have first priority and receive a discount for the 4-H exchange program summer homestay in Japan.

      For more information and an application, contact Alaska Coordinator Jill Holmgren at 907-455-6987 or japanalaska@... .
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