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Young Candidates' Network

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  • Tom Bryer
    Please read and forward... Young Candidates Network WHY To link all candidates (aged 30 and under) from all parties and for all levels of office, creating
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2002
      Please read and forward...

      Young Candidates' Network

      To link all candidates (aged 30 and under) from all parties and for
      all levels of office, creating more awareness and support for their
      campaigns, the issues they represent and for youth participation at

      A collaboration of all-partisan youth civic engagement and education
      organizations and leaders.

      The Young Candidates' Network (YCN) is formed with the purpose of
      linking all candidates from all parties and for all levels of office
      that are age 30 and under into one on-line network. The YCN is an
      all-partisan effort that will enable young candidates to share best
      practices from the campaign trail, solicit advice, and generate some
      local and national media attention in the waning days of the
      campaign. After the election, the YCN will remain active to continue
      the coordination of young leaders and the expansion of youth power in
      the political process.

      Together we can change the media-driven public perception that young
      people are apathetic, violent in action, and powerless in reaction.
      We can further change the perception among young people that their
      individual voice is meaningless, vote powerless, and ideas

      By uniting the voices of young American leaders with a message of
      inspiration, leadership, hope, and opportunity, we can begin to shake
      up the American political system in order for young people to become
      active and make a difference. The message of hope and opportunity
      will be coupled with the message of warning: if young leaders do not
      link arms and begin the process of tackling the American political
      system, the young generation, Generation Y, will suffer the
      consequences of a political system that is more interested in baby-
      boom and seniors issues than in the future life of the nation's

      To join the list, email youngcandidates-on@...

      For more information
      Thomas Bryer: tbryer@...
      ReformAmericaInc.org ~ or call 202-489-8571.
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