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Members of Congress, Progressive Demo crats of America to “Organize Progressive Agenda” at Camp Democracy Sept 6

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  • Mike Hersh
    Members of Congress, Progressive Democrats of America to “Organize Progressive Agenda” at Camp Democracy Sept 6^th **WASHINGTON, DC - September 2 --
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2006
      Members of Congress, Progressive Democrats of America to
      �Organize Progressive Agenda� at Camp Democracy Sept 6^th

      **WASHINGTON, DC - September 2 -- Several Members of Congress will join
      grassroots activists on September 6 to present more effective, better
      alternatives to the failed, fatal policies of the Bush/Cheney
      Administration. They will lead discussions about Ending the Iraq War,
      Implementing Single-Payer Universal Health Care, Helping Katrina / Rita
      Refugees, and other critical issues.

      PDA National Board Members *Rep. Lynn Woolsey *and* Rep. Barbara Lee*,
      (Co-Chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus); *Rep. Maxine
      Waters*, (Chair of the Out of Iraq Caucus); *Rep. Jim McGovern,* Sponsor
      of /H.R. 4232: End the War in Iraq Act/*; **Rep. Bob Filner; *PDA
      Executive Director *Tim Carpenter*; PDA Board Members *Rev. Lennox
      Yearwood* (CEO Hip Hop Caucus), *Steve Cobble*, (Peace, Trade, and
      Voting Rights expert) and *Joel Segal* (Legislative Aid for Health
      Policy, for Rep. John Conyers) will present a Progressive Agenda for
      National Security and Domestic / Human Needs. Local and national
      political activists will join them. All events will be in the Main Tent
      on Constitution Ave. between 14 St. and 15 St. near the Washington Monument.

      4:00 PM. *Rev. Yearwood*, just back from New Orleans, will report on
      continued devastation and suffering then lead a discussion about the
      campaign to pass the /Gulf Coast Reconstruction Act/.

      5:00 PM, *Joel Segal* will lead a discussion of /HR-676/, legislation to
      implement a universal, single-payer healthcare system, eliminate
      corporate waste in health care and cover all of the 45 million Americans
      who lack access to quality health care today.

      5:30 PM, *Rep. Lynn Woolsey* will lead a discussion on legislation to
      end funding for the Iraq war and to bring the troops home now with
      Grassroots progressive leaders.

      PDA Executive Director *Tim Carpenter* said, �PDA is proud to sponsor
      Camp Democracy. Our country needs an open dialogue about �changing the
      course.� At Camp Democracy, the grassroots will organize and strategize
      for progress on critical issues: getting out of Iraq, combating
      corruption, protecting voting rights, and refocusing our resources to
      address human needs.�

      For more information see: http://www.pdamerica.org and
      http://www.campdemocracy.org <http://www.campdemocracy.org/>


      Starting next week, Americans will take back our Capitol and make our
      voices heard. If you want to meet great people, enjoy excellent
      presentations, discussions, performances, and workshops, and help make
      history, join us in Washington, DC, September 5 through 8 and 12 through
      21 near the Washington Monument, CONSTITUTION AVE, between 14 & 15
      Streets - Easy access by Metro. Get off at the Smithsonian or Federal
      Triangle Station (Blue Orange Line).; and September 9 through 11 near
      the The National Museum of the American Indian ON THE NATIONAL MALL,
      from 3RD TO 7TH ST. - Easy access by Metro. Get off at the L�Enfant
      Plaza Station (Yellow Green and Blue Orange Lines).

      We need contributions of any size. Go to this link (it applies to
      individuals making small donations as well as sponsoring organizations)

      We need people in the MD/DC/VA area to provide housing:

      We have a donation link, ride and housing at the website

      We have a volunteer sign up page:

      We need you to publicize Camp Democracy and our fund raiser 8PM Labor
      Day at Busboys and Poets. Please print out and pass out flyers.

      To publicize the Labor Day / Sept. 4th fundraiser:
      Full Page:
      Four mini-flyers:

      To publicize Camp Democracy:
      Full Page Flyer:
      Four mini-flyers:

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