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Re: very cool if you push for national IRV NOW.

I recommend monitoring www.dailykos.com and posting whenever it is appropriate about IRV etc. Linking to websites and articles; posting images and charts and
Jim Dorenkott
Nov 30, 2010

very cool if you push for national IRV NOW.

I haven't heard much about Takoma Park lately. The lame duck congress, after the Oakland election, can be an major opening for greater IRV. The Dems need to
Nov 30, 2010

IRV T-shirts to honor letters-to-editor or IRV news story

I have all these cool IRV shirts that look good, with a select variety of colors and sizes. Write a letter-to-editor supporting IRV for state, national or
Aug 23, 2009

Fw: Dec 22 - National Call in Day for HR 676 - single payer healthca

Pelosi numbers:(415) 556-4862 - (202) 225-4965 Email - http://www.house.gov/pelosi/contact/contact.html or sf.nancy@... - ... From: Don Bechler
Jim Dorenkott
Dec 22, 2008

letter from Berkeley Voice re national IRV

It should really help the national IRV movement when you can get letters-to-editors touting IRV to help save failing democracies. ie, this letter is in this
IRV Alliance
Nov 19, 2006

Make Election Day a National Holiday

Celebrate Our Democracy: Election Day as a National Holiday! Working people should not be forced to choose between standing in a long line to vote and being at
Tim Chng
Nov 8, 2006

Virginians for Instant Runoff Voting

Just wanted to let everyone know about the formation of Virginians for Instant Runoff Voting. Since we are right on the other side of the border, perhaps we
Oct 20, 2006

Members of Congress, Progressive Democrats of America to “Organiz

Members of Congress, Progressive Democrats of America to “Organize Progressive Agenda” at Camp Democracy Sept 6^th **WASHINGTON, DC - September 2 --
Mike Hersh
Sep 2, 2006

Greg Palast @ Camp Democracy Fundraiser 8 to 10 PM Monday Sept.4th

Camp Democracy Fundraiser 8 to 10 PM Monday Sept.4th - Please share with all interested Busboys & Poets Restaurant 2021 14th Street NW - Near U St. Metro,
Mike Hersh
Aug 30, 2006

Free IRV shirts for Lexington Park, St. Marys college area

Hola, I have put some pictures of an IRV shirt design in the file section. I am going to be making a new order of shirts soon. If you happen to know any
May 30, 2006

New Demochoice page for better IRV polls

I think that this new Demochoice feature has real, huge potential to recruit new IRV activism, basically by getting this new link out there and posted in
IRV Alliance
Apr 10, 2006

Daily Kos: Will We Ever Vote for Who We Want: Dems Block IRV

(tip: Just post a message to get unmoderated posting rights! -moderator)_________________________ Jim, Thanks for all your help publicizing IRV. The Dems
Mike Hersh
Mar 7, 2006

Daily Kos: Will We Ever Vote for Who We Want: Dems Block IRV

http://www.dailykos.com/story/2006/3/5/163227/4518 Maryland could have been a historic breakthrough on the spoiler effect, e.g. blaming Nader for Gore losing
Jim Dorenkott
Mar 5, 2006

Daily Kos Diary w POLL; Democrats Enact IRV in MD NOW

Daily Kos w poll - Vote and Comment. Let's engage the Dems in the strategic questions not the implementation details wonks love. Bring it down to earth -
Jim Dorenkott
Feb 24, 2006

Voting rights: not a partisan or ideological issue. Secure, reliabl

Fixing the Maryland Voting Mess by Mike Hersh Note: This article reflects my own views, not necessarily the positions of any group or organization. Voting
Mike Hersh
Feb 23, 2006
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