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An Important Announcement - 4.2.7

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  • Dr. Howdy
    {From Thought & Humor s Board Of Directors} Dear Readers, Thank you for reading Thought & Humor blogs and e-mail. The former has reached over 800k hits
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2007
      {From 'Thought & Humor's
      Board Of Directors}

      Dear Readers,

      Thank you for reading 'Thought & Humor' blogs
      and e-mail. The former has reached over 800k
      hits (see above counter) and the latter has reached
      over 2 million people in every country with award
      winning humor, puzzles, cartoons, and thought.

      The former editor of this publication - Professor
      Howdy - posted an unauthorized posting concerning
      his departure from this organization. The posting was
      made after we had departed for our annual meeting
      in Kauai.

      Please be advised that Professor Howdy did not
      resign but was terminated (fired) for insubordination.
      He had been asked repeatedly by the Board to find
      another institution to be the scapegoat for humor other
      than the University of North Carolina (UNC). That
      institution has had enough problems with their failing
      football season and more recently their extremely poor
      showing in overtime in the NCAA Basketball
      Tournament without constant piling on by a
      significant, consequential, considerable, critical,
      cut ice, heavy, high cotton, material, meaningful,
      momentous, notable, noteworthy, serious, substantial,
      vital & weighty publication.

      Please be advised that Dr. Howdy is no longer in
      our employ and a search will begin immediately
      for a replacement. Until then, the Board has
      unanimously recommended that our new scapegoat
      for our award winning humor will be Slippery Rock

      The Distinguished Board of Directors

      P.S. If you know of a qualified replacement for this
      position, an ideal salary package is shown in "comments"
      section below for a future candidate.

      P.P.S. Please leave any comments or suggestions
      that you might have in the "comments" below. Any
      favorable comments about our "terminated" editor
      will be passed along to him with his severance package
      but we doubt there will be any!

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