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'Thought & Humor' Patriotic Videos! #ProfHowdy Happy Birthday Ameri

The Land That Made Me Me!!! I CAN HEAR IT NOW with Edward R Murrow - Radio News Broadcasts 1933-1945 ¶ - Delaware - Perry Como! (1080p) C-5 Takeoff! WW II
Prof Howdy
6:18 AM

'Thought & Humor' Special 4th Of July Issue! #ProfHowdy

To The Greatest Generation! Christianity Is NOT A Crime! This Man Chased A Nazi Fighter Plane Under The Eiffel Tower! A Note From John Jay To Save America!
Prof Howdy
5:47 AM

'Thought & Humor' Videos! Google: T3H7P12H or #ProfHowdy (7.2.15)

Kevin Bacon Explains The '80s To Millennials! Hilarious Golden Retriever Really Wants To Race But... Do You Speak English? Phil Silvers in Bilko Goes South
Prof Howdy
Jul 2

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (7.2.15)

Finishing Sentences! Uber At UNC! UNC Banker! (Warning: Sad Story) Pregnancy Q&A! Kitchen Terrorist??? Hot Chick On Maui Beach! Talking To Your Hot Wife In
Prof Howdy
Jul 2

'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (7.1.15) Hello July!

Hollywood Computer Myths!!! Your Mama Raised You Right! David Chesterfield - Great Magician! Handyman Corner "Hummer"! Pack Them In! How Godzilla Should Have
Prof Howdy
Jul 1

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (7.1.15) Happy July!

Scared Twice? Arrested! Several UNC Girls! Antenna Love! UNC Humor! Dumped By His Girlfriend! UNC Travel! It's Not About The Nail! Wednesday's Riddles!
Prof Howdy
Jul 1

'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (6.30.15) Goodbye June!

The Superman Dog! Patty Cake! Lost In Translation! Funny FedEx Commercial! Find My Phone! ¶ Boost For Alzheimer’s Patients! Flying School Bus That
Prof Howdy
Jun 30

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (6.30.15) Goodbye July!

General Failure? Is Ignorance Bliss? Three Wishes For A UNC Grad! Doctor Donations! Un Homme Et Une Femme! Das Buch War Besser! UNC Restaurant! De Honden van
Prof Howdy
Jun 30

'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (6.29.15)

Funny Guilty Dogs Compilation 2015! Superman With A GoPro! Calgary's Worst Driver! One Froggy Evening! Cheetos Pigeons Super Bowl Ad! I Am My Own Grandpa!
Prof Howdy
Jun 29

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (6.29.15)

New UNC Discovery! Important Computer Warning! My Perfect Son! Magischer Spiegel! Une Explosion Française! After Summer Break! Recent UNC Exam Question!
Prof Howdy
Jun 29

'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (6.26.15) Happy Weekend!

Make Room For A Little Fun! Horse & Carriage! Arnold Pranks Fans As The Terminator! Funny Commercial! * The Restless Ones - Movie * Crisis At 3 A.M.? * My Hope
Prof Howdy
Jun 26

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (6.26.15)

Skydiving Suggestion! Stop Repeat Offenders! Robbery In Laundry Room! Back The Metric System!!! Learning To Fly At UNC! Barbie? * How To Become A Christian!
Prof Howdy
Jun 26

'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (6.25.15) Just 6 More Months

Golf Bloopers! Baby & Me / The New Evian Film! Oklahoma! 2012 HSHS Musical! Mr. Tudball & Mrs. Wiggins! A Boy & An Otter! What's Up Doc? Humor Movie Classic!
Prof Howdy
Jun 25

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (6.25.15)

Want To Go For A Walk? Prof Howdy Wedding Photo! Un Problema Para Usted! The Wife! Stop By Sometime! A Tough Old Cowboy! Country Music Request! Bad Internet
Prof Howdy
Jun 25

'Thought & Humor' Videos! Google: T3H7P12H or #ProfHowdy (6.24.15)

Funny Baby Dancing Video! Top 10: Lucky Bounces on the PGA TOUR! Woman Driver Video! PIANO-PLAYING, BLUES-SINGING DOG! Funny Ad Clip: Mistaken Phone Call!
Prof Howdy
Jun 24
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