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'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (8.27.15)

STAGES OF A CAR FIGHT! Brylcreem TV Commercial 1950's! Non-P.C. Vintage Folgers Ad! Gus & Dolls - Complete! Lakeside Mall Flash Mob Proposal Mark & Alyssa!
Prof Howdy
9:47 AM

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (8.27.15)

Two Atoms Walking! Jill, The New UNC Grad! UNC Business Trip! #FarmersCows A Secret Formula - For Youth & Romance! #MagicianShopping Remedial English Class!
Prof Howdy
9:15 AM

'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (8.26.15)

VALENTINE'S DAY PROPOSAL PRANK! Krispy Kremes, Men, Women & Funny Names! Vegetable Music! Two Dogs In A Restaurant! Go Ahead Make My Day! First Roller Coaster
Prof Howdy
Aug 26

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (8.26.15)

Morning Exercise! UNC Concert! UNC Student At Midnight! NCSU Talking To UNC! Chat Over Coffee! Recommended Books! #GodsRain Wednesday's Humor Cartoons!
Prof Howdy
Aug 26

'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (8.25.15)

Insane 193 Foot Cliff Jump! Best Car Ads Ever! Cow Soccer! Old Man Drive Thru Prank! Big Fish Jumps Into Boat & Man Jumps Out! It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World
Prof Howdy
Aug 25

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (8.25.15)

#PrisonBreak UNC Luncheon! Canadian Fast Food! UNC Baseball! The Banana! UNC Petishun! Vet Visit! N.C. Trooper Stop! Tuesday's Humor Cartoons!
Prof Howdy
Aug 25

'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (8.24.15) Hope You Have A Gr

Supermarket Domino! Great Movie Line! Classic Commercial Jingles 50's 60's ¶ Crazy Car Pranks! Audi’s Super Bowl Strategy! Dog Goes Shopping! Baby & Me!
Prof Howdy
Aug 24

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (8.24.15) Have A Great Week!

Like Treadmills??? #UNCBand Shhhhh... UNC Geography Class! Krankheit-Erklärung! U wenst het Meisje van de Hulp! Constantly Aware! Body Parts Riddle! Monday's
Prof Howdy
Aug 24

'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (8.21.15) Happy Weekend!

OREO Separator Machine! Hot Chick On Maui Beach! American Idol On Bulgarian TV! Difference Between Men & Women! Adorable Dog Just Loves His New Trampoline!
Prof Howdy
Aug 21

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (8.21.15) Happy Weekend!

UNC Student Injured! #WimpyHusbands The Three Funniest Movies That I've Ever Seen! Doggy Botox! Measuring Intelligence! Newspaper Ad! Understanding Women!
Prof Howdy
Aug 21

'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (8.20.15) Evening Edition!

Animal Super Stars! Urban Sleepy Boy! Partly Cloudy! Grand Central Station Prank! 11 Month Old Twins Dancing to Daddy's Guitar! 100 Years Of Beauty In 1
Prof Howdy
Aug 20

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (8.20.15) Happy Weekend!

Wo Bin Ich? Chapel Hill Inn! Upset Wife! A Classic Bit Of Humor! UNC Shoe Store! Qantas Humor! Seafood Warning! New Pasta Diet! Newest UNC Computer! Thursday's
Prof Howdy
Aug 20

'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (8.19.15)

Kitten Fails Surprise Attack! The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made! Tough Truckers: HILARIOUS! Obama & Putin Phone Conversation on "Tonight Show"! Make Them
Prof Howdy
Aug 19

'Thought & Humor'! #ProfHowdy (8.19.15)

Building Permit? Trivial Pursuit At UNC! Help Start WW III! UNC Student! Two Theories About Women! Shrink's Office Visit! 30 Life Hacks Debunked!
Prof Howdy
Aug 19

'Thought & Humor' Videos! #ProfHowdy (8.18.15)

Video of Dad Freaking Out On Amusement Park Ride Goes Viral! Murphy's Law Demonstrated! *** Thought & Humor Readers Celebrate After Signing Up For E-Mail
Prof Howdy
Aug 18
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