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  • Brian Scurfield
    From: istvan46 Date: Sat Jun 29, 2002 1:00 pm Subject: Re: DANIEL DENNETT EXPLAINED ... He doesn t claim that he has explained
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 30, 2002
      From: "istvan46" <istvan46@y...>
      Date: Sat Jun 29, 2002 1:00 pm

      > On page 454 there appears section 4 entitled "Consciousness Explained
      > Or Consciousness Explained Away?" in which he defends his claim that
      > he has "explained" consciousness and tries to refute his critics'
      > claim that he has "Explained Away" consciousness.

      He doesn't claim that he has explained consciousness, rather he claims that
      he has provided the beginning of an explanation (p 455). As the quotes in
      your post illustrate, Dennett thinks that many aspects of consciousness are
      not what
      they seem and that our explanations of consciousness have become bogged
      down because we are too readily "suckered" by the seemingness of
      In post 5385 I mention the phenomenon of change blindness. Take a look at
      some of the examples on the link I provided. We have the impression that we
      are seeing everything, but these examples demonstrate that this is an
      illusion. We think that our experience is continuous, but our eyes are
      constantly making saccadic eye movements (so there are saccadic gaps) and
      there is a blind spot at the back of each eye, so continuity is also

      > Lest the reader be too dense to get it, we find the
      > following gem on PAGES 362-363:
      > "Otto begins:
      > It seems to me that you've denied the existence of the most
      > indubitably real phenomena there are: the real seemings that
      > even Descartes in his Meditations couldn't doubt.
      > In a sense, you're right; that's what I am denying exist."
      > END OF QUOTE
      > What could be clearer?

      In the neon colour spreading phenomenon that Otto and Dennett subsequently
      discuss, what do you think Steve: Is there really a place in the brain
      where the pink glowing ring is filled in so that we can consciously


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