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Welcome to the NEW home of The Fabric of Reality List

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  • Sarah Lawrence
    Welcome to The Fabric of Reality List! (again!) PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE BEFORE YOU POST TO THE LIST. This message is sent to all new subscribers to The Fabric
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2000
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      Welcome to The Fabric of Reality List! (again!)


      This message is sent to all new subscribers to The Fabric of
      Reality List.

      Table of Contents

      1. Introduction to The Fabric of Reality List
      o Description of The Fabric of Reality List focus
      2. Posting to The Fabric of Reality List
      o How to send messages to the whole list
      o Guidelines for posting
      + Content
      + Privacy
      + Replies
      + Format
      3. The Fabric of Reality List Server
      o How to subscribe to The Fabric of Reality List
      o How to unsubscribe


      Introduction to The Fabric of Reality List

      The purpose of this list is to consider the issues raised in the
      work of David Deutsch, and related matters -- *from the point of
      view of reason and existing scientific knowledge*.

      Questions addressed include:

      How much can our deepest theories of the world -- including
      quantum physics and the theories of evolution, computation and
      knowledge -- explain? Do they point the way to "a unified theory
      of everything that is known", as David Deutsch argues? Is quantum
      theory literally true, as the many worlds view (and most thinking
      in the field of quantum cosmology and of quantum computation)
      assumes? Is the human race "...just a chemical scum on a
      moderate-sized planet, orbiting round a very average star in the
      outer suburb of one among a hundred billion galaxies", as Stephen
      Hawking asserts? What are the implications of quantum theory for
      the understanding of the significance of knowledge? Is certainty
      possible in mathematics? Where does free will and consciousness
      fit in the picture painted by science? What is the scope of
      virtual reality and of computation in general, including quantum
      computation? What are the implications of the nature of the
      fabric of reality for everyday life?

      Discussions of speculative science are acceptable on this list,
      but pseudoscience, fringe science and anti-science are not. Posts
      of this nature will be rejected. If you try to breach this rule
      often, you may be unsubscribed. Posts promoting any religion, or
      the paranormal, telepathy, dowsing, ESP, fortune-telling, crystal
      balls, psychic phenomena, UFOs, alien abduction, faith healing,
      weeping statues, mysticism, spiritualism, witches, witch-doctors,
      magic, out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, auras,
      crop circles, and the like, are inappropriate and will not be
      tolerated on this List.


      Posting to The Fabric of Reality List

      How to send messages to the whole List

      If you wish to ask a question or otherwise contribute to the list,
      send your message to Fabric-of-Reality@egroups.com.

      Guidelines for posting

      The List is moderated. However, not all messages are treated by
      hand, so the appearance of a message on the List does not imply the
      approval of the moderator(s).

      Do not assume that the moderators will pick up your mistakes in
      posting! There are times when there is effectively no moderation at
      all, so please ensure that your posts meet the following criteria,
      in addition to the main criterion given above:


      * Please do not send off-topic messages to the List.
      * No meta discussion:
      - NOTE: "No meta discussion" is NOT a ban on any
      discussion of metaphysical ideas. If you read the section
      above on the sorts of questions this List addresses you
      will see that many of them *are* philosophical questions.
      "META DISCUSSION" means discussion about the discussions
      instead of about on-topic issues. Examples follow --
      o Please do not discuss the List, or attributes of
      posters, or the discussions, on the List.
      o Please address complaints about the List itself to the
      List Owner direct, at sl@..., not to the List.
      o Please do not post to the List complaints about
      someone's posting conduct or meta-discussion about
      posting styles generally. Please address that to the
      poster(s) concerned.
      * We are trying to retain a friendly atmosphere on this
      List, and it is intended to be accessible to lay people,
      so please bear that in mind when posting. Take the trouble
      to put your points in non-technical form please.
      * If a post makes you angry, please address the issues or
      arguments rather than resorting to irrelevant insults or
      personal attacks.
      * Please do not send spams, ads, chain letters, virus warnings,
      etc., to the list. If someone sends you a "warning" or a
      "special offer" you are not sure about, check the urban legends
      newsgroups/FAQs rather than posting to the FOR list.
      * Please do not send "fluff" posts to the List unless they are
      brilliantly witty.


      * Please do not invade other people's privacy, either by
      referring to private email, or otherwise.


      * Please do not send one-line, content-less posts such as "I agree"
      to the list.
      * Sending personal messages to the list can be very embarrassing,
      so check the To: line before sending any reply. Is it a personal
      message or do you intend it to go to the whole list? Might it be
      more appropriate to send your message to the poster whose message
      you are answering?
      * Please send re-post requests to the individual poster, not the
      whole list.
      * Ensure that the subject of your messages is reflected in the
      Subject: line of your posts. Change the Subject: line if
      * Please do not quote more than is necessary for context.
      Paraphrasing sometimes works just as well.
      * If possible, include the full reference to the post to which you
      are replying (for example: "On [date] at [time], [name and email
      address] wrote:").


      * Please check that the width of your posts does not exceed that
      of this message. (If you think in characters, it is about 70
      characters wide.) Some people do not have wide screens.
      * Large signatures annoy people unless they are interesting,
      germane and changed regularly (the sigs, that is).
      * To make posts easier to read, add white space. If you write
      more than about four lines without a gap, consider breaking the
      text into two or more paragraphs with space between them. It'll
      encourage subscribers to read what you have written.


      The Fabric of Reality List Server

      The Fabric of Reality List is handled by automatic Mailing List

      How to subscribe to the Fabric of Reality List

      Send a blank message to


      How to unsubscribe

      To unsubscribe, send a blank message to


      You can also visit the eGroups web site to modify your


      Last changed 17th May 2000 by Sarah Lawrence.


      Copyright © 2000 by Sarah Lawrence


      Sarah Lawrence
      List Owner
      The Fabric of Reality List
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