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Re: [FT897] Strange behavior and 60m

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  • Joel
    Even with Chirp, you can only set one mode per channel and have to change the mode via Chirp, not the radio controls. I still think of 60M as a USB band like
    Message 1 of 2 , May 22, 2013
      Even with Chirp, you can only set one mode per channel and have to
      change the
      mode via Chirp, not the radio controls. I still think of 60M as a USB
      band like it started
      so thats not a big problem with me I only occasionally switch to CW for
      DX ( My best is Norway )
      or when asked to give someone my state on PSK.

      The proposed band usage plan is for CW / Digital users to start on / use
      channel 1.

      If that is busy, then go to 2, then 3 etc. 5 is the DX freq , when DX is
      possible. Also
      some DX stations work split on CW - they xmit on non US frequencies and
      listen on Ch 5
      for US stations. There is really not a lot of DX on 60 relative to other
      bands because most countries do not allow its use.

      That being said, I did hear a lot of CW on channel 3 this past winter,
      there was even a net there sometimes during
      the day.

      Please do not be like the CW LIDS that are on 60 that ignore the simple
      fact that these are
      Channels and ONE QSO PER CHANNEL. If you hear people on SSB in a QSO
      please don't QRM them by
      coming in and calling CQ on top of them , you are not inaudible, many
      QSO's on 60M are using fairly weak signals due to the low power limits (
      100 W ERP ) . Too many CW ops on 60 can not figure that out or just
      dont care about polite operating practice.

      CW / Digital must be in the exact middle of the channel.

      Remember the power limit is 100W ERP relative to a dipole. You must
      understand the gain of your
      specific antenna on 60M to stay within legal limits. For example I use
      a 60 Meter full wave loop - it
      has gain over a 60 M dipole - I can not legally run 100W output on CW.

      I usually hear the West coast US stations on Ch 1 and 2 SSB FYI. The
      band becomes more active
      in the late fall through spring when the static from storms starts up
      again - its a really noisy band. In
      the fall / winter the band is most active in the late afternoon through
      about 9PM local. There is some
      morning activity in the great lakes states and east / southeast in the
      AM - roundtables etc.

      The NATA WAS net used to fire up once a week on CH4 Thursdays I think
      to try to manufacture
      their contacts.

      Have fun.


      On 5/22/2013 12:22 AM, Jason Turning wrote:
      > FYI,
      > I had my mode and band mode buttons go non-responsive on my FT-897D. I
      > did a
      > reset which was a mistake as it didn't fix the issue. But I then just
      > unplugged
      > the power cord for a few moments and then plugged it back in and all was
      > working fine. So before doing a reset try removing the power cord and then
      > plugging it back.
      > On the positive I booted into XP and fired up the RT Systems software and
      > updated it which allowed me to fix my 60m channel and change the mode
      > on three
      > channels to CW along with restoring memories and some settings. I
      > think after I
      > upgrade this PC's version of Linux I'll give CHIRP another try as it
      > would be
      > nice to change mode which I think that allows after updating. Are
      > there any
      > particular 60m channels people are using CW on?
      > Jason - N6WBL
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