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Re: [FT897] Re: "New" digital modes on 60 Meters

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  • Joel
    I agree - for one channel it is really not worth the risk to your rig. 60M was a nightmare day one of the change and pretty jerked up for a while after that
    Message 1 of 16 , May 1, 2012
      I agree - for one channel it is really not worth the risk to your rig.

      60M was a nightmare day one of the change and pretty jerked up for a while
      after that but it appears to have settled down. The ARRL did not help
      things much with publishing
      misleading information on the modes then retracting it. I think many
      people now realize that it does not offer you
      anything that any other band does not. It used to be a fun little band
      when USB only. now you
      have digital and CW to contend with and when you should only have one
      QSO at a time on any
      channel , not to mention avoiding interfering with primary users, it
      gets hard to manage.

      Add to that you have the Lids that try to enforce rules like channel 5
      is the ' DX only ' frequency and
      jam you when you are trying to have a short QSO there regardless of the
      presence of DX and the people working
      DX split , so you cant even tell if there is DX on there because the DX
      is not transmitting on a frequency that US hams
      can use. People trying to run nets, people moving 80M roundtables down
      ....etc etc

      After being a very frequent 60M user I no longer go there.



      On 4/30/2012 11:03 PM, don wrote:
      > Hi Dave & Ken,
      > Much caution is advised before you start gouging at the Circuit board
      > with a cheap solder iron. The simple and best way to update the new 60
      > meter channels,is to use RT systems ADMS software and download the
      > latest update to the software from their website. The software works
      > very nicely and puts the new channel frequency into the memory and
      > permits setting the mode for USB or CW on the 60 meter memories. You
      > do not need to butcher your radio or risk destroying it totally.
      > If Yaesu starts shipping new FT-897 radios with the new 60 meter
      > ability the options may change. Be patient. Who knows,it may even be a
      > good reason to upgrade your station.
      > Best advice about the MARS mod, from a tech who has salvaged several
      > radios that were distroyed by impatient inexperienced hams, "do not
      > even think about it". Most of the modification information found by a
      > Google search is old, inaccurate and confusing. There are different
      > levels of the FT-897 and many different configurations for export to
      > different countries. Even a successfully modified radio loses some of
      > its memory and programming functions.
      > Just Enjoy a Great Radio!
      > 73 Don WD7P
      > --- In FT897@yahoogroups.com <mailto:FT897%40yahoogroups.com>, ken
      > <kg9o@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > HI Dave
      > >
      > > To get the FT897D programmed with the new frequencies and power
      > level you will have to open the radio up , then do a factory reset , I
      > did one of mine , if you have not looked inside the FT 897D , the
      > solder pads for the jumpers are very small and can be dammaged very
      > easily , the Yaesu service center in Cypress Cal told me they would
      > not do the mod .
      > > I am 70 and my eyes are not too good some days , but I did manage to
      > get it done , a fellow ham posted the mod here on our site .
      > > Thanks Ken  kg9o
      > >
      > >
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