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40500Re: [FT897] RE: Memory channels CH-001, CH-009 etc.

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  • YT9TP Pedja
    Oct 11, 2013
      On 11.10.2013 16:59, John Murphy wrote:

      >> If I switch in memory mode to
      >> memory place Ma-01 it shows only
      >> CH-001 in place where it should read an actual
      >> frequency for instance like 3.685.
      >> Now I have no idea what frequency is really
      >> in that place. There are some other mem places
      >> like that too with only CH-xxx in place where
      >> it should show a frequency. I have no idea where these
      >> have come from.

      > You could try pushing the Function button, then selecting MFg (I think)
      > then pressing the TAG button (think is the 3^rd position of the 3
      > buttons under the display). I think you may have accidentally pressed
      > this button when you were in the multifunction selections.

      Not MFg. It is in MFb, C key.
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