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40497RE: [FT897] RE: Memory channels CH-001, CH-009 etc.

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  • John Murphy
    Oct 11, 2013



      You could try pushing the Function button, then selecting MFg (I think) then pressing the TAG button (think is the 3rd position of the 3 buttons under the display).  I think you may have accidentally pressed this button when you were in the multifunction selections.



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      Thanks Chris, I will try that.

      If I switch in memory mode to
      memory place Ma-01 it shows only
      CH-001 in place where it should read an actual
      frequency  for instance like 3.685.
      Now I have no idea what frequency is really
      in that place. There are some other mem places
      like that too with only CH-xxx in place where
      it should show a frequency. I have no idea where these have come from.

      Of course I could try the resetting of the rig but then I loose all the other info and settings too. I want to try this chirp
      software too.

      But before loosing anything I am very curious to hear about
      these CH-xxx frequencies. Surely somebody else must have had the same thing??


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      you can edit the memories using a program such as chirp, you can download the current ones on your rig, edit, then upload them to your rig.

      -Chris, AD8F


      On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 11:54 AM, <cergender@...> wrote:


      Anybody any ideas??

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      On 04.10.13. 11:03, cergender@... wrote:

      > As I have not used the memory mode for some time maybe therefore I
      > found some odd things.
      > I have the groups ma - mj or without the grouping m-002 - m-186.
      > In addition to that there are Ch-001 Ch-009 and Ch-175 (and possibly
      > others too). They appear in both group memories and non-group memories.
      > Could be possibly home channels or priority channels?? How can I remove
      > or modify them?

      From my experience, memories are the same. If you chose to see them
      grouped then
      they will be just showed in groups of 20 of them. Content is the same.

      Pedja YT9TP


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