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40479RE: Re: [FT897] RE: Yaesu please update our FT897D

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  • W1MSG
    Oct 5, 2013

      The AMBE Chip is a $20 chip, so as far as expensive goes, its really not. It’s the fact that it’s a patented CODEC. The Patent expires in 2017 which will make the AMBE CODEC open source at that point.

      You can do the AMBE right now with a FT-897 easy enough with an add on DVRPTR Board with the AMBE2020 add on board. Right around $200. You can actually do DStar with any radio capable of 9600 data.

      73,   Craig W1MSG


      The biggest limitation to digital is the expensive AMBE chips everyone is using and what it does to rig prices. Hopefully CODEC2 will solve that problem eventually. I tend to think of digital as a novelty that really underwhelms. Don't believe me go to Radio Reference and listen to a bunch of the digital repeaters for a couple days and you'll think you're hearing R2D2 from Star Wars as much as people. Public service saturates an area with repeaters for theirs to work, but that doesn't translate so well with ham repeaters, coverage and terrain.


      Jason - N6WBL

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