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39548Re: [FT897] GROUNDING / Weird sounding warbling tone

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  • Joel
    Jun 20, 2013
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      Not sure what your point is on that.

      If I add a ground rod to my shack and tie it into my equipment that is
      grounded via the power outlet, I am creating a system with two different
      ground systems which violates the NEC and may create insurance problems
      with a claim. My understanding is that all grounds must be tied
      together at
      a common point - this would include any ground that had a path back to the
      power distribution panel via my rig to the power plug. In my case it
      would be impossible
      to bind a ground outside my operating position with the one on the other
      side of the house
      where the utilities are grounded.

      Someone knowledgeable please correct me if I am mistaken.

      If I somehow had a RF ground that was totally separate from the AC mains
      , that
      would be a different story. But this is impossible for my equipment.

      My point is that In my station, I do not need an RF ground for good
      functioning of the equipment.


      On 6/20/2013 10:41 AM, raydeeoh08@... wrote:
      > Electrical (utility) ground is NOT a RF ground.
      > 73,
      > Robert
      > VE7ZN
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      > On the subject of grounding and RFI - here is my experience with my
      > FT-897 and
      > grounding in my own shack.
      > First off I am an Heretick - I have *no ground connection* other than
      > what exists through
      > the power plug on the wall. I have a 2nd floor shack and no easy way to
      > install a ground
      > rod under me - last time I tried I ended up drilling into 12 inches of
      > concrete in an attempt
      > to reach earth and ran out of drill. Actually I decided not to install
      > one then because I would
      > then have an out of code ground rod that was not tied in with the
      > service panel ground rod.
      > My understanding is that NEC requires all grounding systems to be tied
      > together at the
      > utility ground.
      > My rig works very well and I have no problems with RFI now that I have
      > mitigated them and
      > run antenna connections carefully. I installed a grounding bar on my
      > shack desk and tie all
      > equipment to this one bus with short runs of wire. 10 Ga stranded for
      > the long runs 14 ga
      > solid for the short ones.
      > I run a multi band trap dipole fed with coax as well as a 60 meter loop
      > fed with 450 ohm ladder line that comes into the
      > shack. Also a 6 meter squalo and 2 VHF / UHF antennas. I tune that
      > loop for all bands 80-6 with a LDG 600pro
      > tuner - I also do that with the dipole as needed. I also use a MFJ 993
      > b on occasion. I run
      > up to 600 watts out from my amplifier with no issues on the FT897.
      > Nothing in the shack is
      > hot with RF even at high power ( now that I made those changes ).
      > I have had to make sure that all my coax runs are kept separated by a
      > few inches , run neatly and
      > kept at least 8 inches away from the ladder line. I had to add ferrites
      > to USB cables to the PC that
      > I use for rig control and Digital modes. I use toroids on the CAT cable
      > to the rig.
      > In the past 40 + years as a Ham, I have run from many locations in
      > Condos , Apartments and such and never had to use
      > an earth ground. I have also had multiple locations where it was
      > convenient to run a ground and did so.
      > You would think that a station like mine would need a good earth ground,
      > but my experience proves otherwise.
      > Net so far - 212 DXCC entities in the last 18 months ( most with 100W )
      > . 1000+ 6 meter contacts 1000+ digital contacts..
      > 73
      > Joel
      > KQ0J
      > On 6/19/2013 11:42 PM, Alex Netherton wrote:
      > > "Tuner instructions say tuner should be "well-grounded" to the
      > transmitter
      > > from the GROUND post on the tuner. Does "well-grounded" simply mean
      > I run
      > > any gauge/any wire between the tuner (wing nut GND) and my FT897D (GND
      > > screw)?"
      > >
      > > Ah, no. It means that your transmitter *and* tuner should be
      > grounded to a
      > > good earth ground. An earth ground is ideally a braided copper strap of
      > > about 1 inch going from the back of the rig - tuner - etc to the ground
      > > outside the shack, which is (again) ideally a 4 foot ground rod made of
      > > copper (expensive!!!) or at least copper clad steel. Even more ideally,
      > > four of them in parallel.
      > >
      > > " Balanced Line-Fed Antenna - Tuner instructions say run a jumper
      > wire from
      > > Wire post to one of the two Balance Line posts. Does that mean I
      > simply run
      > > any gauge/any wire between the Wire post and the Balance Line post?"
      > Yes,
      > > but you still need a good ground.
      > >
      > > If you can't put in a good earth ground, try routing a wire of heavy
      > gauge
      > > to something made of metal that is ultimately connected to the earth. If
      > > you live far up in an apartment, I would suggest an MFJ Artificial
      > > Ground... They work! At any rate, a ground is necessary to keep pesky RF
      > > out of the shack.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > 73
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