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  • FT897@yahoogroups.com
    Mar 1, 2007
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      The FT897 Group averages around 320 (+/-100 one-sigma) messages
      per month. Because the volume of messages is rather large, I would
      like to remind everyone of a few long-standing FT897 guidelines to
      follow. Most of you do so already.

      1. Civility. (This is practiced well by our members!)

      2. Please sign your messages with name and call sign, e.g.,
      Fred - W1XYZ.

      3. When replying to a posting (message), kindly delete all
      unnecessary text including the trailing text. Only leave the text
      from the prior message to which you are replying ... <snip> the
      rest. If one desires to read the entire thread, the command [Up
      Thread] at the top of the message can be used to read the entire
      discussion. Remember also that a lot of members have slow
      connections and some even pay connect time or characters rx/tx. This
      also helps the clarity of your message.

      4. When replying to a post, please decide if your comment should be
      to the entire group of over 4,300 or directly to the author of the
      post. When you click on "Reply," it goes to everyone. To reply
      direct (simplex), you should click on the email address following the
      user ID line at the top of the post. Notice that only a part is
      shown for privacy. Also, please think about if what you are about to
      post in reply to the group really should be to the group ... replies
      like "I sure do agree with that" doesn't add much to the group. Send
      thoughts like those direct to the poster please.

      5. It is fine for members to post something for sale or wanted to
      buy ... once per item(s). All questions and offers to buy/sell
      should be made directly to the poster, not to the Group. The member
      posting the FS or WTB may post that the item(s) was/were

      6. Posting of commercial items for sale by manufacturers or dealers
      is also fine, but should be done on an infrequent basis. The FT897
      members benefit by learning of hardware, software, sales, etc. before
      it appears in magazines, etc.

      7. New members are all moderated until their first posting. If it
      follows the guidelines, it is approved and the member is change to
      unmoderated status. This list is a partially moderated list, i.e.,
      only first message is moderated while later messages are monitored
      after posting. If an unmoderated posting is found by the moderators
      to have a problem, then the poster is contacted directly to resolve.
      Actions are taken against those that chronically violate the rules.
      The reason for this form of moderation is to block spammers from the
      list and it has been working.

      8. Do not add disclaimers to your posts that (1) restrict the ability of other members to use the information you post, (2) claim a copyright to your post, or (3) to claim any type of "rights" as a consequence of another member replying to you post either directly to you or to the group.

      Thanks to all es 73,
      Barry - W4WB
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