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Off topic book review on Atheism

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  • Doug Taylor
    For those free thinkers who read French there is a new book on Atheism called: Traite d atheologie by Michel Onfray. (The title translates to Treaty of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2005
      For those "free thinkers" who read French there is a new book on
      Atheism called: "Traite d'atheologie" by Michel Onfray. (The title
      translates to "Treaty of atheology: Physics of metaphysics". It is
      reviewed by William Boyd in the Times Literary Supplement (December 2,
      2005 page 5) as one of the top 100 books of the year. The reviewer
      states: "In this era of warring religions, with Almighty God being
      invoked as the key ally by all sides, it was with gratitude and relief
      that I read Michel Onfray's "Traite d'atheologie" (Grasset). It is
      both a passionate and coolly reasoned advocacy of atheism, setting the
      positive values of secularity squarely against the three great
      monotheisms and their multitude of hates: 'Haine de la raison et
      d'intelligence; haine de la liberte...haine de la vie; hain de la
      sexualite, des femmes et du plaisir; haine du feminin; haine des
      corps, des desirs, des pulsions'(hatred of the reason and the
      intelligence; hatred of the freedom; hatred of all the books in the
      name of only one; hatred of the life; hatred of the sexualité, women
      and pleasure; hatred of the féminin; hatred of the bodies, the
      désires, the impulses). Free of all pretentious obfuscation and
      written with great verve, wit, scholarship and all the devastating
      logic of the French intellectual tradition, it deserves an English
      translation, at the very least. A wonderful, invigorating blast of
      sanity delivered against the fog of high-toned nunbo-jumbo we have to
      endure everywhere today."

      Unfortuntely I too do not read French, but hopefully, this will be
      translated and available in English soon.
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