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Fwd: [WCD] Can Krispy Kreme turn you GAY? Asks Jerry Falwell

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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2005
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      >Can Krispy Kreme turn you GAY? Asks Jerry Falwell
      >Written by Zander Kaufman
      >Today while addressing his Television flock of millions. The Reverend
      >Jerry Falwell posed the question: Do Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, turn people
      >Gay? This analogy comes three year’s after he stated on his television
      >program that “Tinky Winkey” the purple Teletubbie from the popular
      >children’s program Teletubbie‘s, was no doubt a Flaming closet Homosexual.
      >“My brothers and sisters, every day men and women, young and old flock
      >to these places in search of what they think is cream filled goodness”
      >Falwell went of for another twenty minuets with his rant. He attempted to
      >make the connection “Satan is behind this one, just look were they do
      >there business” pointing out the world headquarters of Krispy Kreme
      >being based out of Salem, Massachusetts.
      >“These are the same ACLU loving, notebook carrying, liberals. These
      >people flock by the thousands every day their local Krispy Kreme
      >establishments, and the number is growing” he went on to say “if the
      >church doesn’t do something soon to curb this, God will inflict another
      >terrorist attack on America”.
      >It was Falwell that stated immediately following the attacks of September
      >11 that it was America’s fault and God unleashed his wrath, for not
      >falling on it’s knees, and by allowing Gay’s, Abortion doctors,
      >Liberal’s to run free unpunished.
      >"We need strict regulation, we can't let the these pastry shop’s spread
      >perverse and subversive slogans on the minds of this (Christian Nation)
      >It’s simple Cream filled doughnut’s, Liberals wino’s and Satan Do
      >the math People!”
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