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I must vote for Bush because......

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  • paul
    First I must vote for Bush because Rush Limbaugh says so. Rush is a ... being ... challenging ... dug ... need ... bunch ... just ... impressive ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2004
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      First I must vote for Bush because Rush Limbaugh says so. Rush is a
      > brilliant brave man who has been right for so long. Rush tells me
      > what to think so I don't have to worry.
      > I will vote for Bush because he is a war president. He bravely went
      > into the Air National Guard when that wimp Kerry just drove boats
      > around Vietnam. Bush has real character, he has real flaws like
      > an alcoholic and getting caught driving drunk and being unable to
      > speak well. That is the kind of guy I like....not that snooty Mr.
      > Perfect Speaker Kerry who never was arrested for a felony.
      > I like Bush because he has spent us into oblivion. I adore a huge
      > deficit, because Americans love a challenge and think how
      > it will be to dig ourselves out of the huge financial hole he has
      > for us, our children and our grandchildren. I love Bush because he
      > knows you can stop forest fires by cutting down trees, and that if
      > you bomb a bird habitat until be birds become rare more people will
      > pay attention to those birds.
      > I love Bush because he is trying to stop poor people from getting
      > drugs they need to live from Canada. If people can't afford drugs,
      > well they should just have been born rich.....and if they can't be
      > bothered to be born rich then they should just die.
      > I love Bush because he keeps everything secret from me. I don't
      > to know who is forumulation government policy, or why the policies
      > are enacted, or even WHAT the policies are. George Bush has had the
      > holy hand of God involved in his ascendancy to the Presidency, and
      > who am I to question God? Whatever Bush does is blessed! Glory!
      > I love Bush because he whipped up America to go to war with Iraq
      > while Osama still ran free. Osama wasn't the threat Saddam was,
      > because Saddam had WMDs or he didn't, and Saddam had connections to
      > Osama and even if he didn't he may have. Plus, the war killed a
      > of people who aren't rich, and spent more of our money, which is
      > a bigger challenge Americans love.
      > I love Bush because the powers of the police have been expanded,
      > which is needed in times of wars....especially wars in which WMDs
      > aren't found. We can trust the police to do the right
      > thing.....especially when Bush judges rule on cases involving abuse
      > of police power.
      > I will vote for Bush because he fed troops a plastic turkey.
      > I will vote for Bush because he wants to give 11 million illegal
      > aliens the right to get social security, then go home and have us
      > send the checks out of the country. That makes GOOD SENSE to me!
      > I will vote for Bush because his presidential package was
      > when he went on the aircraft carrier to announce Mission
      > I will vote for Bush because he cut taxes during a surplus and then
      > during a recession and if you keep cutting taxes eventually the
      > government will go broke which is really his agenda.
      > I will vote for Bush because he banned stem cell research and if it
      > is God's will people die from diabetes, Parkinson's, cancer, heart
      > disease or anything else who are we to meddle? Better to let the
      > extra zygotes be thrown out and rot, than to let some scientist use
      > them to cure disease!
      > I am a Bush voter!
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