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Re: Doug Stanhope on State Church Separation

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  • Rev Dr Peter R. Edwards
    ... Try http://yeshuainternational.com and follow the link for Archbishop Milner. Yes it s sick and it makes a mockery of religion without meaning too. This
    Message 1 of 6 , May 13, 2004
      --- In FT-HUMOR@yahoogroups.com, Donna Gore <donnajgore@y...> wrote:
      > > Oh he's not a patch on Ambrose the Apostle Milner,
      > > the master of sick
      > > religious humor.
      > > Take in his site at
      > > http://yeshuainternational.com/Archbishop%
      > > 20Milner.htm You'll just love him - or absolutely
      > > hate him.
      > >
      > > Pete Edwards
      > Pete, I can't get the site to come up, it says Bad
      > Request. If it's sick and makes fun of religion, then
      > I KNOW I will LOVE it !!

      Try http://yeshuainternational.com and follow the link for Archbishop

      Yes it's sick and it makes a mockery of religion without meaning
      too. This guy is actually deadly serious. He really does think he's
      an Apostle from God with a message for the world. It's kinda funny
      in a way, coz you think "He can't possibly be for real. It must be a
      wind up." But its deadly real. Sad.

      It's sick coz he's currently having an anti-gay rant.

      Why don't I like the Raving Reverend Milner? Coz he's got my daft
      old Uncle Peter into all this "be a bishop and save the world stuff".
      Uncle Pete was an Anglican lay preacher for 30 odd years in the north
      of England. He was harmless, and a lot of old ladies thought he did
      a lovely service. Whoops! I mean a religious service, not as an
      ageing gigolo! Anyway, Uncle Pete discovers internet religion (never
      should have given the old coot a computer) and suddenly he's leaving
      the Anglican Church and launching his own "Universal Ministries" as
      the Bishop of North Yorkshire - at the age of seventy!

      He offers the Raving Archbishop Ambrose Milner a guest page on his

      Well, we were all mightliy chuffed at first, as they say in
      Yorkshire. We'd never had a bishop in the family. (My grandad was a
      coalminer and my dad drove lorries. Uncle Pete was some sort of
      salesman in the pottery industry.) Then it got funny: Uncle Pete
      going around in a purple shirt and dog collar; then embarrassing:
      Uncle Pete dragged uplike a Christmas tree in bishop's vestments.

      Then it turned nasty. Uncle Pete narrowly escaped prosecution for
      selling bogus religious degrees (a serious offence in the UK). He
      was forced to close his English Universal Ministries and everyone
      heaved a might sigh of relief. But, just as we were booking poor old
      Pete's place in the "Evening Glade Home for the Terminally
      Bewildered", bleedin' Archbishop Ambrose encourages him to set up
      again under Ambrose's protection as Yeshua International.

      Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. So my cousins and I have set
      up our own little enterprise to publicise Uncle Pete's minstry.
      Currently he's Primate of All England - just like the Archbishop of
      Canterbury - and Patriarch of Europe. (That's an entirely original
      one for him.) We want to propose him for Pope when the present guy
      finally pops his clogs; and then Grand Patriarch of the Entire


      Pete Edwards (Jnr)
      "Bishop of Bonking and Patriarch of Paris*"
      [* That's Paris, Scholes, in Yorkshire; not Paris, France or Paris,
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