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Re: [FT-HUMOR] The Roman Empire

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  • Green Gator
    America has back stepped to barnyard morals. I ve seen the digression in my family members, who I taught moral responsibility and virtues. They have no morals
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 3, 2011
      America has back stepped to barnyard morals. I've seen the digression in my family members, who I taught moral responsibility and virtues. They have no morals and their virtues are nil. My grandson and granddaughter meet someone with a hypothetical introduction, "Hi, I'm _____ , lets fuck." If a baby is conceived, it will be supported by State aid. There will be no child support.
      When grandson refuses to work, he resorts to begging for money dowsing us with emotional guilt. (I don't buy into it.) He has three tattoos. One is written across his back saying; "Only God Will Judge Me." However, it was written in old English and looks to read; "Only God Will Fudge Me."  My advice is for him to always shower alone.
      My other granddaughter has five tattoos and brags about spending the weekend in bed with her boyfriend. Back in my day, I would never share my sex life with my grandparents. She also begs for money, yet flew to Los Vegas with the boyfriend last year.
      America is in decline and will eventually become an anarchy country. With a heavy heart, I want to disown both of them, including one daughter.
      Have you seen the movie, "Gran Torino" with Clint Eastwood? He reflects my feelings about society. Like the character he played, I worked hard in an auto factory, now suffer from asthma and some arthritis not to mention having cataract surgery because of staring at welders for too many years. Yet my grandkids only think about getting laid, gambling, and drinking.
      I have vented.
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      Those people would eat and screw till they puked and do it all over again.  I'm all for togas and slutty women, but, really now, is this just normal human activity?  Remember how long they ruled the world. (What a massive pig out)  Had to have had something right.  Correct?

      Some brain told me the Roman Empire never really died and that America is the echo.  Wow!  Heavy statement.  What do you think about that one?

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