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Re: [FT-HUMOR] Did you ever hurt an animal?

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  • Robert McKee
    I think the bottom line is because there is no common sense regulation (law), that they will process meat to sell as cheaply as possible to maintain a
    Message 1 of 24 , Aug 30, 2011
      I think the bottom line is "because" there is no common sense regulation (law), that they will process meat to sell as cheaply as possible to maintain a competitive edge..  This is one of those areas where there should be a govt regulation.. Then the companies can move FWD and compete on a level playing field..  I believe the actual cost of humane treatment is negligible.. 

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      They couldn't morally support it at all, but the excuse is that it is too expensive for regular or impoverished meat-eaters to buy humane meat. Also, I think that most people are so plagued by things to feel guilty about (buying new clothes made in a sweatshop, recycling, waste, the list could go on and on) that they just can't fathom dealing with all of it, and unfortunately, with all the things to think about, animals tend to go by the wayside. It doesn't make it right, but I still don't blame people for it (aside from the producing corporations, that is).

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      Not that hard..  The corporations wanting to squeeze every Penney they can in profit is one of the things that makes horrible living conditions for food animals..  Right now it costs a chunk more to eat humanely raised and killed animals..  If it became the law of the lane (as it should be IMHO). Then it would cost a trivial amount..   The other problem is world population, so corporations look to maximize production (and profit)..  

      This is where the chicken cages are stacked 7 high, and all the chickens in the crates below eat the poop from the top cage chickens (but don't wordy they rotate)..   The chickens spend their lives in these cages, basically with no room to walk anywhere (or even turn around to face the other direction)..  I can't see how anyone could morally support this treatment.. M


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      On Aug 17, 2011, at 4:15 PM, kaylee coats <sumluvlifilth@...> wrote:

      There are also always those humane mouse traps- they're like a cage with a trap door at the top that lets them in but not out. From my experience they work on rats too- unless they're just gigantic like the ones people get in the deep south or like river rats. I try not to kill spiders and ants now, if I can avoid it. They like to bite me too- particularly spiders- but I've been bitten so much, that I'm fairly much immune to the effects of the poison (I used to play under the house and in crawl spaces as a kid). I just don't want my kids to get bitten, since they haven't been and I don't know how their little bodies would react. 
      As for eating meat- the need to eat it is actually pretty common, my husband is the same way. People have evolved with a need for it, which is why people eat it- some more than others- and if you can't get all of your nutrition without it because of allergies, then you're just like all the other creatures on the planet who are the same way. No need to feel bad about it. It's pretty awesome that you find it humanely raised and killed, though. That's actually a pretty hard and expensive thing to do.

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      And, forgot to mention..  After killing the rats..  I started looking for ways where they would not need to suffer in the future.   And it motivated me to seal points of entry into my house.   

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      On Aug 16, 2011, at 4:24 AM, Robert McKee <bobbler@...> wrote:

      I am for sure going to piss off some vegetarians here..  Honestly, I don't like killing bugs either..  I identify with vegetarian, but i eat meat..  I hated doing it, but used rat poison and traps (I shudder to think of the pain the poor little things must go thru)..  So while I do care, it's just not practical for me to follow vegan philosophy (wish I could)..   Turns out I can't be healthy with out meat (intolerant or allergic to many veg things)..  The only thing I kill outright are spiders and ants ..  Bc the damn ants (and) spiders like to "really" bite me..  One Thing I do do when eating meat, is to make sure the food animal was humanely treated (and I do feel guilty when I don't know)..  And I don't mean humanely killed only, rather to have access to outdoors, etc..  

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      On Aug 15, 2011, at 6:26 PM, "Jim Cunningham" <jim@...> wrote:

      Sooooo, YOU’RE the one that killed my poor little spider to death…just because a creepy-crawler LOOKS like Condeleza Rice, doesn’t mean it is…AAAHHHH, what the hell, I probably would have squooshed it too, just in case!  8-D

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      I'm pretty sure every kid hurts an animal or person at some point. It's part of the learning process. I used to hurt them more than most kids- I was a pretty angry little kid- but I stopped before I became a teenager because my grandfather took me out trapping and made me cry because he said that I might have to shoot a coyote if we came across one in one of his bear traps. After that I became a vegetarian for at least 5 years, and I've been one off and on as an adult. I even feel guilty about killing spiders now.

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      I got married. It's a learning experience that I would never do again.
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      From: Ray Smith
      Sent: Saturday, August 13, 2011 12:17 AM
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      Shot a bird in flight with a piece of glass from a slingshot, a million to one shot. Never thought I'd actually hit the thing. Still feel bad about it, but it was a learning experience.

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      Subject: [FT-HUMOR] Did you ever hurt an animal?
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      To this day I feel horrible about this.  Um, I blew a frog up with a firecracker.  I don't know why it bothers me it just does.  Why did I do that?  Just boy things?  Still, I guess I propelled him off to the universe.  Life sux.

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