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Maddona Should Adopt Me

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  • strangerangers1
    27REASONS WHY MADDONA SHOULD ADOPT ME 1. I don t like Guy Ritchie 2.I am poor enough, so nobody will call her The Material Girl 3. I am singing only in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2009

      1. I don't like Guy Ritchie

      2.I am poor enough, so nobody will call her "The Material Girl"

      3. I am singing only in the bathroom, so clearly
      there isn't a competition between us

      4. I love kids. I have got 3 of my own,
      so Madonna can adopt them as well

      5. We can play ménage a troua with my ex wife

      6. I will never call her "old pop star"

      7. I will never take 50% of her property
      i believe that 10% is enough for me

      8. I don't mind if she will date with younger man
      as long as I will do it as well with a young babe

      9. I am a nice Jewish boy and we can learn kabala together

      10. I like the name Esther. It's my grand grand mother's
      name, but I am sure Madonna is more sexy.

      11.I promise I will say to her every day:
      "Sean Penn is a bad man".

      12. I am a better singer than Quentin Tarantino

      13. I will love to do the dishes, as long as she will
      serve me coffee to bad every morning.

      14. I agree Gwyneth Paltrow will never step in our home.

      15. I love her Japanese commercial for Panasonic in 1987.
      It's O.K, I understand it's all about money.

      16. I am very generous. All is mine is yours
      and all is yours is mine

      17. I am bad dancer and I'm sure she will love
      to teach me some moves

      18. I have a copy of her Pepsi commercial from 1989 and I promise
      i will not to Sell it to the Sun magazine.

      19. I promise to live with her forever and ever
      ( unless she will drop me first )

      20. I will never mention that she is from Michigan

      21. I love her body, she can post nude everywhere,
      I don't care I am liberal

      22. She can adopt my family as well. We are talking about
      more than 53 peoples; let's say it's the best deal for them too.

      23. My father will let her to sit in front of the table.
      Why not? She gave his fucked up son the best opportunity in life

      24. I will always let her to say what she wants (I am liberal)
      But the last word will be mine.

      25. I promise I will never call her bitch, although some people
      will say she is a real real bitch.

      26. let's say I don't like Kylie Minogue, but if it will make
      Madonna happy, I am ready to be her fan.

      27. I will never twit without Madonna permission
      This is the best thing I can do for healthy marriage

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